Friday, 25 June 2010

The day after!

Well, as I said, I was rather emotional yesterday, less so today but a little tired, happy, too! Thank you so much for all your lovely good wishes & happy birthday's. No cards in the pile for tomorrow so I might have a rest from posting & have a chance to visit & read others blogs! We'll see what turns up in the post.

I know I'm not quite finished, but I have been amazed at everyone's generosity, the care put into each card, & so touched by the tenderness & friendliness of virtual strangers who have become virtual friends, all joining me in the emotonally charged epic journey of becoming an important decade older. Again than you.

Todays card was from Laura from Berwickshire, UK. Her card is just beautiful, those lovely roses, sumptuous burgundy silk & pretty lacey bits make a lovely card.

I am enraptured, thank you.

I had a surprise  card in the same package, from Laura's  other half , Rich, who wanted to join in (thanks so much!)
It's stunning in black & white, the perfect way to see a Michaelmas daisy.

I am delighted, thank you.


Julie said...

I have just been catching up on your last 3 posts and all the beautiful cards you've received since Tuesday. I really enjoyed your picture post the other day. I was watching the film 'Blessed' at the weekend and I see it was filmed on Isle of Ornsay. The views and atmosphere were beautiful.

I'm glad you had a lovely birthday with your family. Welcome to 50! :o)

Jan said...

Another lovely card! Emma, you deserve to take a break and enjoy your new age. I can tell you, being in your 50's is different. Some good and some not so good but hopefully you will embrace the good!

Maggi said...

Another two lovely cards. Enjoy taking a well-earned rest, you certainly deserve it.

Sylvia Ballerini Jewellery said...

Luxuriate in the moment of quietude. Have a lovely day Emma. Beautiful cards again.

Linda Stokes said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday Emma.
Very best wishes & hope you enjoy the next 50 years! said...

Greeting from Sweden
Grace Olsson

Kelly Warren said...

Hi Emma! I blogged about you and your postcards today! :-)

babYpose said...

Happy belated birthday to you. Enjoy how you express thank you. May you have a happy day, every day.

Anonymous said...

Just found your it. Happy belated 50thth. i am 57and a half and believe begins at 50! xxxxxlynda is my art/craft blog and is my photographic daily b log
xenjoyx lynda

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


You won a little goodie on my blog!
Need an addy to send to..... :-)


Linda Vincent said...

Well I've just caught up on all your postcards.....and I am totally in awe (and envious :-) What a fantastic collection you've got there Emma!
They are all so different...and every single one is a beautiful work of art.
Lucky, lucky you.
And welcome to the fabulous fifties.....its not so bad ;-)