Friday, 26 March 2010

It's a dark & dreary morning

6 more squares - a tiny collagraph print & pen, a collection of bits & pieces stitched down, a creamy brooch to match the cuff, bits from the box, achillia seedhead sketch (they've almost all gone now) & some papers with rusty wire found behind the draining board during a bit of a clean up, yuck, how long has that been there, what, throw it away?!

Everyone has been talking about Spring finally arriving & altho my daffs are finally up, the little dwarf ones (no pic yet, sorry) its been a wet & miserable, dark week, with a strong breeze. We're paying now (as they say up here) for a glorious winter (altho some said it was far too cold).

It's amazing how the weather affects people so strongly, it's just there surely & you put on what you need, accordingly. Altho, having said that, I like weather that does something. Give me a howling wind, with me safe & warm inside, & I am exhilarated, the sound of rain on the rooftop is a crecendo (sp!) for my ears. Wonderful, makes you feel alive. Talk about the weather, me?

Sunday, 21 March 2010

My comments button isn't working

Well, it's beyond me & my D & my 15yr old! Maybe it'll come back when it's ready! I think you can use the previous comment button, should you wish, if this new one doesn't work.

Went for a trip out to an unexplored place on the mainland, all the way round to behind the loch we can see from here. Drove down a 22m road back in towards Skye, then you have to walk a further 7 miles to get to the start Loch Hourn (which is what we can see from here). Are you with me so far? On the way we saw this dramatic cloud formation.

When we got to this much unused single track road, I fell in love with the passing place signs, they're usually legible but I prefer them rusty like this.

The road is obviously so unused the deer don't seem to mind you at all. I've been coming here since 84, lived here for ten years & we've never seen the like!
I know we could have been using a telephoto lens but we weren't; there were 9 deer surrounding us - amazing

I was pretty tired so D went off driftwood hunting in the dam & came back with a beautiful piece & a pic of a root which wasn't moving anywhere.

A great day.

Saturday, 20 March 2010


Only 5 out of 6 squares, sometimes there's not even time in the day for a little 3 x 3 square! A skelatalized hydrangea petal, how beautiful are they! bits in my box & around my newly arranged sewing corner (the absent one doesn't need it) a brooch made from the multisurface cloth event & a sketch of a fennel seedhead. I still love making these squares.

I have been inspired to finally get on with it by Heloise (I'm so grateful!)& reading carefully thru Fibrefusion's first book very carefully. I've been wanting to do this multi colored, multi stitched, multi surfaced cloth since I did a day workshop with Jan Beany probably 12 years ago (for goodness sake!) I've got lots of books on the subject but there are always so many choices & so many types of layers & I just need/ed to work thru them slowly & that's what this blog & all the wonderfully talented & sharing people here have made me do - thanks! I made the multi colored one first, my favorite, but I do love a raggedy denim look too & I got right out of my box & made a creamy white one. I guess I could have worn it with my wedding dress....! I'm pleased with my achievement as long as I make more!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

It's mother's day

a few squares, some coloring, a piece of plastic, the inside of a calculator sent by my dad, stuff in my bits box on the desk, & a 'slow cloth' even tho it's done by a machine ...I think
I had a lovely card from the absent one (away at Edinbro) with a pic of a big pig & a little pig gazing up & he said at some point we must have looked like them; my heart broke into loving pieces. A text from the morning after the night before one & a hug when he got back before he went off to catch up on sleep & hugs & help from the youngest all day. They are 21 this month, 17 & 15, my boys. Love 'em to bits. I sent my mum a card similar to this acer leaf pic.

Monday, 8 March 2010

The squares of squares

The Squares made in January & February. The one with the gap is the first - I'm never really sure which order the photos are uploaded, I think it's backwards which should suit me fine :)

Another beautiful day here, tho -3 this morning. I dearn't mention it really as so many people seem to be having the kind of winters we usually have - grey & oppressive. I'm not complaining tho!

It's all about numbers

I got my numbers mixed up for last weeks strip of squares, THIS is my 11th strip of 6. If I had used a background that fitted 7 squares, or made my 3cm squares proportionately smaller I could have used the real weeks as a guideline, & then I discovered I'd missed a square out when numbering them in my sketchbook & I wondered why I was being so pernickety. I photographed the months worth of 30 little squares & I love that it's 5 rows of 6 making one big square but it turned out that Jan 31 was the first square & March 1 was the last square of the second month - can I cope with that? , but it looks so neat! & then I go & disperse them into the books, sometimes not in the 'right' order... It's something I wanted to do at the time, but could I change it 2 months & a week in? No!! I worry if I interupt number one to three hundred & sixty five something dreadful might happen to the tiny little bit of order in my life!

You see my problem with numbers, that I'm all at sixes & sevens......?

Monday, 1 March 2010

A lovely Spring day for St David's

It's a beautiful Spring day out there, no biting Northerly winds, perfect for a bit of clearing up in the garden, but i have to go to work soon, typical! For the first time in ages no little 'February's Gold' Daffodil to give to my D for St David's day, but I did get a meter weeded & took some pics of crocus & snowdrops.
My eleventh lot of 6 squares, that's 2 months worth now, & no misses in February! This line includes the print I took from the diamond plate I made inspired by both Julie's workshop with Ruth Isset & Beryl Taylor (sorry, haven't learnt how to do links yet!)