Sunday, 28 August 2016

A Summer Hello Part One

It's been a lovely long summer, busy with the season tho & we've still got just over a month to go before it all quietens down.

I've been continuing with my weekly squares, quite a collection now but I need to keep up with the the mounting & framing...


 Primrose & Forget me not

 Sail in the Sound


Tulips (sold to a lovely B&B guest)
this is half way thru the challenge of Made on Monday, making a 5x5" piece for one year

Before the season really started  we were able to enjoy the proud moment of The Middlest at his Passing Out Parade at Dartmouth. Lots of photos in my fb album ;) If you remember he is a Marine Engineer, Officer of the Watch but in working for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary they have to train so they are able to work alongide the Royal Navy in times of conflict. I prefer to think of him in his mucky boiler suit at the bottom of the ship, but that's just being a Mum ..... He's lost the beard & looks 10 years younger!

Been working hard over on the Isle of Raasay where I was commissioned to help with a 14 x 5' wall hanging for their community hall. We are progressing tho, slowly but surely.

 the parts of the Community that have no fear

 their work, love the rhododendron shrubs!

 mint green of the hills

 inevitable wall & a bit of rust
 a natural collage
 inside of a boat
certain spring - I do get carried away with the surrounding area when I go 'on location'

I took time out to go to a peg Loom Workshop, run thru the fabulous wool shop down the road from me Handspinner Having Fun led by Sarah of Wood Ewe

delighted with my square rug, good for under my feet on the concrete floor in the studio

 we got a few wonderfully misty mornings & yes, it's not the lens it's inside my little point 7 shoot ;( I will invest in a quality point 7 shoot with Macro, so exciting!

So meet Dizzy, yes she came with that delightful name ;) A couple sent their grandson to the vet to put her down & when she leaped out of the basket in rude health he refused & decided to rehome her.  We were quite upset when we lost Willow last November - we'd been told she was 4 yeas old when we rehomed her 3 years previously & suddenly it turned out she must have been 14 plus when she got liver & kidney failure & diabetes all at once. So sad. So we wanted more of a provenance for the next cat & altho dizzy is 9 years old & only accepts affection on her terms (she's much more used to us now after a few months) we thought there was no point in scouring Scotland for a 2 year old when there was a lovely cat that needed a home just down the road.

 a little tart when she wants to be
 with sweet stubby little legs
 loves the stair game but you need a very long bit of paper to avoid those claws!
instantly at home in the fabrics in the studio. Great to have a cat in the house again - she now walks calmly past Tam & he generally keeps his head well down, knowing she's in charge ;)