Monday, 4 April 2016

In honour of Maggi

Very upset to hear the news of  Maggi's death, a blog buddy since I started 6 years ago. I didn't really think then, that it was possible to have 'on-line' friendships, especially with people not even met but it seems it is. We had fun supporting each others endeavors, she was always interested & always bothered to give her opinion, to share her advice. I shall miss that. I was saddened to hear of her illness earlier in the year - I simply asked what she had been doing with herself lately & she replied 'fighting lung cancer'. I reminded her of the words she'd used in my 50th postcard swap 6 years ago "if you can imagine it, you can achieve it" -  I was hoping she'd use the phrase for having enough strength for the fight. I'll add her to the list in my heart of all the people I come across each year with cancer & think of her when in September we have the Macmillan fundraiser. It's all I can do, really except I'm thinking of all her friends & family.

So I decided to make this piece in her honour, a work in progress which I started on Saturday.

 lots more stitching to do, thinking of Maggi with each stitch. I shall finish it tonight.

I didn't get further today as we had the Youngest home for a long weekend & went for a jaunt despite the rain to Fiskavaig, the middle of the West coast of Skye

The Oyster Shed, heard lots about it, scallops & chips under cover in the rain with a changing view, wonderful.

open spaces

an extrusion or two

between the tides, this is changed every time the water goes out

my first primroses, over exposed as they are

I must look this up - I can feel a printing block of some sort coming on. How perfect is this?!

Macleod's Maidens in the distance

4 of the latest 5 inch pieces for Made on Monday with Kate Bridger

Spring Garden

Birch Trees


I do love the bare branches in my garden but look forward to the leaves, too.

a sketchbook page & a lovely beachcombed twig from the DH

My 'suggestion' sample for part of the land on the Map of Raasay, the community project I'm helping with. Perhaps a little wild?

this one is a blue version, an idea sample for part of the sea around the island. Lots more stitching, couching down & hand stitch to do. I'm enjoying it. I find it creative, just because, i find it has purpose because it might inspire someone else to create something they can be proud of but also, I find it a comfort, theraputic - a word oft over sused but no  less meaningful for that - we all need a bit of comfort therapy to be able to deal with that which life throws at us almost daily.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Happy St David's Day!

Well, I just missed squeaking into February with a post despite there being an extra day ;) Happy St. Davids Day - I was able to pick a tiny Narcissi for the loved one who is half Welsh & well, you can guess the rest ;)

4 more weekly squares for Made on Monday with Kate Bridger We also had an article by Kate promoted by  Folt Bolt, thank you for that!

 Ben Scritheall (Screel)

 Heart (No 14 of course)

 Snowdrops in my Garden

 Circles - 
I'll take a better pic when there's some light - it's been great recently except for today when I needed it!

 The real Ben Scritheall

 Over to Raasay for the community project twice this month - above is as I was leaving Skye on the ferry. We're working on a huge hanging, a blue rectangle with the shape of the Island within it. There will be trees, heather, boulders, hills, bird & sea life, the language thru poetry, crofting,  fishing, people & places as many landmarks as possible. We've got our work cut out for us!

 This beautiful clock tower is for sale

 Lovely bridge we could depict somehow 

along with this beautiful wall

 Above, the kids work - I went into the school of 9 pupils & the 2 nursery children joined us, with the help of one of the Hanging Group, much appreciated & the welcoming headmistress & a helpful parent we did potato printing, monoprnting, leaf printing, drawing, & coloring - lots of the work was on a clever drying rack so I'll photograph that next time hopefully. The kids even wanted to include the stars & the aurora - inspired thinking.

 What a place for a playground!

 Beautiful Scots Pine

 These 3 pics show a few of us starting to work hard using inspirational books you may recognize to help us along.

Using a variety of media. Back again in 2 weeks!

 The 3 pics above are off the shore from my walks. The middle one is actually from the wood pile as it has woodworm & a bit of a scary face I think!

 I had time to make a few purses, the 2nd one as  a gift & I was inspired to make a card purse & camera case for ME

 Above is the  project I'm helping with in my village - making a hanging with, you guessed it, fundraising squares. A few cried off with the leurgy but I know who they are & the hanging for our own village hall which might have a wall for it in Spring 2017 will grow.   Baby steps ;)

Last but not at all least, look what I won from the Workshop on the Web giveaway - gorgeous silk threads - do you think they'd been here to see the colors matched exactly to the stunning landscape I live in?

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Just in time

By the skin of my teeth I've managed to write a post in January. If you don't mind I'd like to show you my latest 5 inch squares. Be patient, there are 7 ...... which must mean it's 7 weeks since I was last here. I'm really enjoying the discipline of a weekly piece.

 Peacock Feather
 Flamingo Feathers
 New Moon
 Full Moon

 A couple of extras that match the moons - well, the fabric was still out, a little machine stitch,  a little hand stitch & there's less to tidy away ;) I will stitch that loop on soon, & a button.

 earrings & a wrist cuff

 useful little patches & a sample for the sketchbook (I'm still working on samples for the other pieces, just in case I never see them  again, you understand)

 why do we do this to ourselves? I can't even watch TV while I do this as winding & untangling takes more concentration than any of the actual work I do!

We were asked by Workshop on the Web members fb page to show our workplaces, so intriguing to have a peep into others places.

I was delighted to be asked to join the Raasay Hanging Group in helping the Raasay community to create an enormous hanging for their village hall, about 5 foot x 10 foot. I took along my squares to give an idea that everybody who wanted to could contribute a piece. That we could print pieces, collect & draw all sorts, make little 3d found object replicas to dangle & stitch & knit as there is a rich & varied environment over there. It'll be great fun bringing it all together.

 couldn't resist this tree at the ferry terminal even tho it was sleeting in my ear!

 my mode of transport, sunshine in the background!

 a light dusting on Raasay

 OK I know, 3 views of Skye from Raasay is a bit much, but what a change aver about 4 hours!

Last but not least, my friend Rusty by the Hall door.