Tuesday, 19 August 2014

a little bit more

First up, the Made in Sleat (not sure how long the site will be up) exhibition, held in the Duisdale Hall, the first organised by Visit Sleat but the second time for me to be part of a group of artists showing here - it's been too long! Maybe we'll do it again next year?

Lots of pics, just scroll thru as fast as you like.

That's me, above left, there's all the info in the Made in Sleat link, I don't have the energy to link all the names individually. An interesting thought, I'd like to have been under the Artists list, on the beaautifully made website, even tho I am an artist maker. 2/3 of my work is flat work, I've more in common with the watercolor & oil paintings here as I use watercolor pencils, oil bars, acrylic - I don't use ceramics, leather or precious metal. Where do I belong, do you think? Or am I being pretentious (moi?)

A different kind of produce here 4 delicious (if I say so myself, my family kindly agreed!) greenhouse grown cucumbers about a month ago. & that was it, where are the rest, did I miss something? Lovely sweetpeas from supermarket seedlings, being away in May would have killed all my efforts, that's my excuse ;)

Don't you love the perennial sweetpea the way it fades to that delicious blue?

Ready for another show? Again, just scroll thru as quickly as you like. Such a lot of talent.

 Mine first, so small compared to the amazing giants here! they were in a pretty dark corner of the church, too so they got missed when being photographed for the Skye Quilters Blog but I've been asked to send this pic so it can be added ;) All the credits for this wonderful work is on the link, too.

Great to be part of this group, even tho I can't go to any  meeting til I retire from the day jobs ;( but I enjoyed my day of stewarding. Our very own Festival of Quilts! I've  loved all the blog posts I've been reading on the FoQ - they do have more space than us tho. Great that Jenny's quilt was there, as seen on Julie's blog, 3 posts down.

Well, if you're not exhausted reading all this, I am writing it, see you!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

The week that was

OK, so I had the exhibition

Disappointingly quiet but these things happen

 proud of my new work despite there not being enough people around to appreciate it

My little helper!

 Enjoyed the Highland cows on the way home & didn't have too much road rage when some people stop in the middle of the road to take pics (I parked up safely) or go too near the cows for their own good ( I keep well away from horns that can gore you with a small turn of the head!)

even had time to relax on the terrace - I felt I'd earned it

I'd like to do more sketching - this wisteria follows on from my last post ....can it really be nearly 2 months ago?
 I'd sketched this building from a Macdonalds in Eastbourne when down for the wedding - all I could find in there was a napkin (lovely tape showing thru there ;) & some left over paint from printing below that. I need to work more on my sketchbook

 Working on 2  pieces for the Skye Quilters' exhibition; there I go jumping from neutrals to brights again....

 last but not least a little success in the sale of a piece at the Made in Sleat exhibition, poster below  - we had the opening tonight & I sold my lovely owl feather, I say lovely as I'll miss it but it's gone to a good home.

Mounted on watercolor paper as kindly suggested by Isobel, thank you.

Here's hoping for a busy week!

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Mad dogs & Englishwomen stitching in the midday sun

Finally an opportunity to do a little stitching outside in the sun, a lovely breeze keeping the midges away. Only 7 pics this post, I'm giving you a rest after last time ;)

 This mug was given to me as a present by my Youngest a couple of years ago, he has no idea how touched I was!

 I made up some 'patches' to work on with a bit of tv of an evening, just stitching along, no pattern.

 The idea is to one day put them all together as part of a big piece. Not sure how big, but I've a way to go & my exhibition is in 6 weeks! The feather above is from an owl - I was given a bag full from some naturalists down the road here who found it already dead & thought of me ;)

 All together; a suggestion

 I made a piece to shape into a heart. I've been working with so much color lately it seems I needed a change!

 While sitting outside today I was admiring my Wisteria. A tricky plant to get for a windy place but it was for my 50th & it's only taken nearly 4 years but I had at least 3 racemes this year for the first time!

 & all those delicious tendrils to tie in to the top of the pergola at the back of the house, too. Here's to more stitching al dente ;)