Thursday, 7 March 2019

First day at the SECC, Glasgow

I've had a great first day at the Exhibition Center in Glasgow at The Creative Craft & Scottish Quilting Show, where I get the chance to demonstrate, thanks to the organisers at ICHF. My theme this year is 'Between the Tides' a theme that will last me the rest of my life!

People seem to love the sketchbooks & I reassure them that if I can make one for myself, then so can they - it's amazing to be able to inspire oneself just by putting a few marks down, representing something you either see or think about & keeping it safely in a recycled book. It doesn't have to be perfect, in fact that word just isn't in my vocabulary & I like to reassure others of that.

I'm in with some good company which I find delightful - Jennie Rayment, Sheena Norquay,  Wendy Dolan, Val Hughes, Helen McCook, Gillian Cooper, Kerry Mosley & the Queen of Rust, Bex Raven. I'll be able to get round to see more of the lovely work on their stands tomorrow after 'settling in' today.

Also along the theme of Between the Tides is a workshop I'm doing nest week in 2 parts at the local college, I'm hoping it will run but peeps seem to be pretty busy at this time of year!

It's kind of an abstract bit of shoreline,  rock & sea or even sky!

I'm making a few sample pages in a BtT sketch book, for me & for the next workshop, 3 little sections which show a progression from sketch to stitch (or collage to sketch to stitch) with a collage in between - it's ongoing.....

I haven't done as much stitching as I'd have liked over the last couple of months but I did enter some local photos into a fundraising calendar competion!

I made a few sketch/collage a day pieces, I allow myself not to panic if it's not every day

I've done some bright 'relief' stitching, well, just for the hey!

& of course a few heart cards for Valentine's Day ;)

Looking forward to another funfilled day at the show tomorrow, & more stitching of course.


chocolatefrog said...

Stand looks very inspiring, and I'm amazed how much creativity you've packed in recently. I'm sure you'll be kept busy but hope you have time to make the most of the rest of the show, some interesting names there.

Jan said...

I love clicking on your pictures to get a good look. Your art work is always interesting, love the 3 part sketch/stitch bits. And those photos of bits towards the end, love all the natural colors and what is that rusty thing? looks like a very short bladed shovel. rust is so cool except when it is on something you don't want rusted. Nice to see you posting. I haven't blogged yet this year, I better get on the ball although hardly anyone looks any more. Your booth looks very inviting, I'd definitely be one coming in to take a closer look.

Robin Mac said...

Great blog as usual. Your stand looks terrific, you have been very busy.
Your photos are beautiful, you have found so many different and unusual textures. Cheers

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