Sunday, 18 August 2013

Some bits & pieces

Well, I made something & then I gave it away. It felt right, a neighbor & friend was 80 & inspired (finally) by her lovely garden I made a small textile piece for her the size of a CD case, a manageable size I find.

 nasturtium, lupin, lithodora

Couldn't resist a little posy too

 We took a rare opportunity to go for a kayak, just out into the sound. there's the DH way ahead

& here's me (do I look big in this?!) with Ben Sgritheall behind. The silvery water was wonderful.

 a quick visit to my garden - perennial sweet pea

honeysuckle round the mail box - the postie won't be able to get near soon

 A thistle by the front door - I'll catch it before any seeds disperse!

 & a lovely pink Grunyard Double (with half the pergola screen still missing - the clematis has grown all over the bench instead)

 I managed a few cards - past designs, I'm sure new ones will come soon

We've had searing heat, almost tropical downpours, ordinary grey days & a week of an amazing Haar type thing, the place looks so different without a mountainous background.

 Can't believe I caught this pic with a mouth wide open & the insect just about to go in. (happy to admit I couldn't see it thru the lens ;) they fledged, what must have been a second brood, a week or so ago.

A baby of a different kind, a toad I think.

 & a little bit of produce, mmmmm

Thanks for looking!