Saturday, 25 July 2015

Made in Sleat Exhibition

Another month gone by but this time I've had an excuse as I've been cobbling together all my bits & pieces to make 2 wall hangings & 4 small framed collages (I only achieved 3 but that's fine.....)

for this event starting today! the official opening is in a couple of hours - it'll be good to see them all together. Best of all I'm in the 'Artists' section on the website (at the bottom but I'm used to that & deLIGHTED!) & no I don't think that being a maker is second best coz I'm one of those, too ;)

a sneak peak of the 2 hangings about 3 1/2 ' x 1 1/2'  - edit, forgot to say this series is called "between the tides" hope it will last me the rest of my life! Did you see how well the kind gift of the screen from Linda Stokes represents my interpretation of the little hills of wiggly sand left by sand worms? (3 'spirals' on the sandy colored linen, below) Couldn't have been more apt ;) Thanks again, Linda!

 What else have I been doing?

 a visit to Mallaig
a fathers day card, meant to be a silver birch but it's a little stiff! I like the feel of it tho. My mum wanted one for her birthday so I drew a Scots pine, can't find a pic tho... 

Went to the Fairy Pools to see what all the hype was about - see above pic borrowed from Google. Suddenly our guests all had this lovely place on their list - it was featured a while ago as one of the top wild swimming placesI knew I'd been there about 20 years ago & I was sure I would have remembered if I'd been to the 'Blue Lagoon'!

the Youngest & I went to have a look. I've kept the person in, above, for scale -you can see it's a great bowl of space with a thin river coming down from the hill

 I'd heard about this arch just under the water & had considered swimming under it to embrace 55, with one of the kids pulling me thru with a rope. I gave myself nightmares imagining myself or the kids getting stuck under water in the 'tunnel' Well, it's a foot wide, about a meter under the surface, just unde the white of the water'fall' in the middle of the pic. I looked at it & didn't feel the need any more (the 'anxiety' nightmares stopped, too!)

 It's a beautiful place, but it's just a small place

 turned into a motorway with toilet stops visible along the way, a lot of men in wet boxers (no, really not my fantasy!) & in the pic below you can see how all the edges are eroded away.

In fact the GF of the Youngest was going to do her dissertation on the purity of water at the top & the pollution of it at the bottom once it had passed thru all of the chemicals on the skin of the lovely visitors swimming about in it. The DH was quoting the Eagles "call it Paradise & kiss it good bye"

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE our visitors, they keep the Island open, but I don't like hype.  I know I wasn't in the middle of the water with a wide angle lense, but it's a little deceptive isn't it, the hype?

 Very exciting to see Pilot Whales on the way back down the Island, my VERY FIRST! Sadly, they were a little far in the loch for comfort, apparently, with the possibility of getting stuck but they managed to get out into the deeper water later.

I was even excited about this beautiful moth!

& joy of joys, whwwn I started sorting out the pics for this post this was happening outside the window - 2 chicks at the top with stubby tails & a resting parent below them.

 They were very careful in feeding first one then the other

blurry but I love it!