Saturday, 11 January 2014

A happy new year so far

I'm determined not to miss a second of this year as the last one just flew past, almost in a blur. After a lovely flurry of 2 out of 3 boys being home for Christmas it's all gone quiet no as they've gone back to college. So I made some collage, based on the printing done for the wedding invites in the last post. Instead of keeping it in a dusty pile, I'm using it!

these are both 12 x 12cm (5x5")

as are these 2 pics, which way up do you think?

This one below is at least twice the size in real life, but the smallest pic here.

I've been looking at these pieces here  for design inspiration & of course my samples book (just one here) I never thought it would be such a wonderful, personal to me, reference point.

I plan to draw, scribble & stitch some, maybe after work tomorrow ;)

Did I mention we went to Edinburgh early December to get all the family together? Part of that trip was to finally get into the wonderful gallery Dovecote Studios
where an exhibition called Selected was on. Wonderful. Here's a small selection - the artist info is in the word pic after the images. I could have spent hours there.

wonderful drawings, beautifully interpreted

I love the back!

perfect for the wedding? I hadn't see the prices  (below) till I sorted the info below !
Maybe I'll sort out some more pics of this great exhibition next time.

Welcome to my new followers! Having been un-followed a while back it was great to meet some new people. Anna at Inky Fingers, I tried to follow you but my DH appeared instead of me! Jackie can't follow you as you have no link, do comment then I can visit, thanks.

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