Friday, 28 February 2014

Another collage or two

A little late for Valentine's but here's my effort. I went walking looking for red which I didn't expect to find in such quantity, well it;s more of a rusty blood red, bits of seaweed & stones with a contrasting blue 'heart' in the middle. Took a quick pic & stopped to chat to a neighbor & with my back turned for a minute, Tam, having spat out the stones, chewed up the lot!

Carrying on in the series I started, using up some of the piles of papers I've printed I've made some  collages using the oak leaves. Not very topical I know but they are papers from the end of last year. (the direct prints in the sketchbook pages did well as 'alternative' nature's Christmas cards - I like a bit of nature, me)

ready to stitch, these are all 12x12cm

This will need some lightening up, a technique using a white correcting pen seen on Design Matters TV might suit - I got a 3m subscription for Christmas. Lots of inspiring tips there which I thought would remind me of things already learned & give me some new ideas. I intend to make a school of DMTV sketchbook......

 The 'abstract' one - I didn't have enough material for a bigger collage, so I'll have to do more printing if my gelatine plate hasn''t got lost too deep in the freezer!

Above are some purses made in a morning workshop I was asked to give primarily for 2 girls, aged 7 & 4 neither of whom spoke English, a challenge on both counts! The mother of the girls & my friend who they were visiting joined in (kids on the left, big girls on the right) & all had a good time. I could foresee all the sewing being done by adults so decided we would first make a sketch on paper of a shape, found by thinking of  a design, or looking around the room for inspiration. Then we would look at the design & draw onto bondaweb backed calico cotton. The big girls added some stitching to the motifs guided by the girls & while the construction was going on they continued to draw more of  their own designs. Give a child a sharpie pen & they're away! Very pleased with my students. ;)

Always finding inspiration wherever I look (the DH thinks I'm barmy, I'm sure) I couldn't resist these fragments of grilled cheese fallen off a piece of cheese on toast - imagine, a bit of raw umber, tyvek & a heat gun & you'd be laughing! Tasty, too ;)

Monday, 10 February 2014

I spoke too soon!

Well, having just said I wasn't going to miss a moment of this year & just as I was about to get on with my 3rd 15 minute challenge & post it into Myfanwy Hart's 'Be Creative' group, open to everybody creative, I was gripped by such a pain!

a heart for Myfanwy

The first one I managed above is 12x12cm & only took 15 mins as it's a familiar card/collage design. I wanted to start easy. You can spend as long as you like but the idea is to do something creative every day.

Beetle (found on floor while tidying in the studio) tied with gold thread on slate found on the beach, wrapped with raffia.

This would be just a bit bigger all round than the first one. The poor little beetle had obviously come into the studio from the cold & never left. ;(

The pain turned out to be a stone blocking my kidney, just one thank goodness & after some wonderful care thanks to the NHS, most importantly a few special pills to reduce the stone from 5mm to nothing, hopefully, (& pain relief!) I'm on the mend. I'll find out if there's anything still lurking in a couple of days when I have an x-ray locally!

On one of the mornings of the 3 days from hell,  I was totally pain free, took the dog for a walk & even did some seaweed pressing inspired by Julie commenting on a pic by Alice Fox, someone who's work I really admire. (why am I, who adores color, so often drawn to work using delicious neutrals?) I admit I haven't looked yet, hope it's cooking nicely on the damp studio floor ;)

I was quite knocked for 6 having not eaten or slept properly for days,  but during last week when I started  recovering from it all - I've never done so little in my life! - I had a very important piece of jewellery to finish & post off. 

It's the Youngest's gf's 21st today so I made the lovely girl a wrist cuff, hope she likes it.

I worked at the day job yesterday but luckily had previously booked today off - such a relief! I don't know how I got thru but I did despite having to take a little longer to do some things. So, determined not to waste this day off (I was actually on days off when it all started 2 weeks ago, not a good way to spend 2 days holiday!) I put together the start of some collages. I managed last week to sort some piles of paper you've already seen from a mono printing session (with a store cupboard geletine plate) but that was as far as it got. I'm determined to use these papers & not just hoard ;)

12x12cm sample

12x30cm ish


 12x12cm 'abstract'


It's a start, the last one  needs a lot of integrating, (it might turn into the sample!) the 2nd one a top & bottom, very tempted to draw into the 3rd one & even tho I like the simplicity (so hard for me to do 'less is more'!) They all need wax crayoning with lovely rich oil bars, darkening here & there, or lightening & lots of stitching. I know, I've said that before. To feel a creative tired tho is a wonderful change from the last 2 weeks, I'm catching up slowly but surely!