Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Have the Swallows gone?

What a beautiful day - sunshine & showers ........twice, followed by sunshine. I will appreciate the light now that it's starting to get dark earlier, the gloaming drawing in. I love the Autumn but first I need to embrace it, get used to it & I have to admit the swallows have gone - it's October after all.


To hang on to the summer just a little longer I'll show you these shadows I came across a while ago, an Elder tree moving in the breeze, I was absolutely mesmerized. It was possibly moving about a little too much but I can see a screen being made out of one or two but oh, how to choose! Has anybody used a UK based screen maker before? I used the wonderful Linda Stokes all the way in Australia last time!

I haven't made much, working to live has got in the way a little but the season is calming down now so I may have more time to make hearts like the one above cut from a lovely tea tray cloth - I'm inspired to use vintage tray cloths by talented artists like Cas Holmes & Helen McKenna. I felt dreadful cutting it but I think it's worked well (& I don't really do tray cloths) & possibly birds & more trees for the Christmas (!) Craft Fair end of November & cards & 'gifts' & things. Will I make a Christmas Stocking or 2?

I did cut my peacock fabric, it was languishing in the corner & needed to move on a step.

I'd  already made the strips below & would stitch one or 2 of an evening when my eyes could stay open

I love edges
& rolls

& this above is vaguely what it will look like, as a small wall hanging

My New Dawn rose is over but there is one bloom hanging on delightfully high up into the birch by the front gate.

Honeysuckle thru the downstairs loo window, what a pleasure to watch. There is one flower hanging on there, too. I will sketch it before it goes.

Thanks for waiting for me to come back!