Monday, 4 April 2016

In honour of Maggi

Very upset to hear the news of  Maggi's death, a blog buddy since I started 6 years ago. I didn't really think then, that it was possible to have 'on-line' friendships, especially with people not even met but it seems it is. We had fun supporting each others endeavors, she was always interested & always bothered to give her opinion, to share her advice. I shall miss that. I was saddened to hear of her illness earlier in the year - I simply asked what she had been doing with herself lately & she replied 'fighting lung cancer'. I reminded her of the words she'd used in my 50th postcard swap 6 years ago "if you can imagine it, you can achieve it" -  I was hoping she'd use the phrase for having enough strength for the fight. I'll add her to the list in my heart of all the people I come across each year with cancer & think of her when in September we have the Macmillan fundraiser. It's all I can do, really except I'm thinking of all her friends & family.

So I decided to make this piece in her honour, a work in progress which I started on Saturday.

 lots more stitching to do, thinking of Maggi with each stitch. I shall finish it tonight.

I didn't get further today as we had the Youngest home for a long weekend & went for a jaunt despite the rain to Fiskavaig, the middle of the West coast of Skye

The Oyster Shed, heard lots about it, scallops & chips under cover in the rain with a changing view, wonderful.

open spaces

an extrusion or two

between the tides, this is changed every time the water goes out

my first primroses, over exposed as they are

I must look this up - I can feel a printing block of some sort coming on. How perfect is this?!

Macleod's Maidens in the distance

4 of the latest 5 inch pieces for Made on Monday with Kate Bridger

Spring Garden

Birch Trees


I do love the bare branches in my garden but look forward to the leaves, too.

a sketchbook page & a lovely beachcombed twig from the DH

My 'suggestion' sample for part of the land on the Map of Raasay, the community project I'm helping with. Perhaps a little wild?

this one is a blue version, an idea sample for part of the sea around the island. Lots more stitching, couching down & hand stitch to do. I'm enjoying it. I find it creative, just because, i find it has purpose because it might inspire someone else to create something they can be proud of but also, I find it a comfort, theraputic - a word oft over sused but no  less meaningful for that - we all need a bit of comfort therapy to be able to deal with that which life throws at us almost daily.