Sunday, 20 April 2014

I'm almost there

I'm almost there with my bits & pieces for The Wedding but first a couple of pics from the workshop I gave a couple of weeks ago.

 Beautiful pieces from 6 lovely ladies from experienced to absolute beginners. I was delighted with my students work.

To justify making myself a Cuff for the Wedding I made these, above & below for the studio

The start of my fascinator - I got as far as temporarily attaching 3 peacock feathers & 3 organza flowers & trying it on but the feathers were very wobbly as opposed to floaty. I've been reading Claire Muir, very helpful article in workshop on the web, can't remember which year.

to justify the above I made a notebook cover, yet to have pages added, for the studio

 the color of the fabric is somewhere between the front, above & back, below - not sure what happened to the white background ;)

To justify the Bag I've made for The Wedding I made a purse but the color was appalling so I'll leave that for another day, along with the blurred pic of the Wedding Earring.

So, below are 3 pics of MY cuff, i love it.

& here is The Bag, my very first one about 8" x 4", simple design.

 cord for the strap

  Bag open



Here's a question for you. My original idea was to have it look like the pic below, (they're just placed on)but maybe it's better plain, well it's not plain but it seems to speak for its self. What do you think?

too much?