Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fitting it all in (or not)

Well, I keep trying, that's the important thing!

I was asked last weeked to put 4 - 8 collage in Inchmore Gallery, near Inverness, wich is opening under new owners mid November. I'm so excited! Needed by Nov 1st but I'm going away the Wednesday, that's 9 days away. I have 3 collage in the studio, thought I'd try to dash off a couple more, oh & cards, too. Hmmm. Then I was asked on Monday if I could take a Christmas card making day at Rag Tag on Friday, session work, of course I can. It was great, v satisfying. I'd already been booked to do a cottage change over for a friend on Sat so add the 4 work days that left 3 days. Hmmm. Today, the last free day, the priority was to make the youngest a birthay cake - he & the middlest were off to work so we had peace & quiet to get it into the oven just as the mother rang this morning. I've beavered away but they aren't complete. 3 might have to do. We'll see if I can't do some beading/sticking with the Single Father tonight. Are we really here again?

(The requested carrot cake was delicious - I cannot believe my baby is 16; that's the important thing)

His card

Some squares

packaging, burning my bra (!) there are beads there, but a little fuzzy,
an old photo from my drawer, bits & pieces from card making,  inside the cardboard from train trip coffee, more grassy stitching

The last trip out with the rellies involved going down the next peninsula up the map of Skye, to Elgol. A 16 mile drive from the main road along the island. When you get there you have to turn around & go back the way you came...or get on a boat. On the way was an archaeological dig -  High Pasture Cave - we decided to pop into, been meaning to go for ages. It's been there for years & they told us it would be filled in within the next couple of weeks. I call that timing!

There's a 300m underground stream. I went in about a foot, that was enough for me!

Very exciting, dark & noisy. Had to go thru this trap door - he offered to close it so my eyes could ajust! I declined ;)

Lots of beautiful artifacts from here gone off to Edinbro, lots of inspiration.

On to Elgol & fabulous views. The Isle of Rum & the Cuillin Ridge

The rock formations are stunning, I can show you a tiny few.

Rock pools - I will do something with these, Julie!

Hard to believe this is nature

Right, Single Father has started!!!!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

A little behind

Not sure where the time has gone; I'm a little behind in everything. Well, I can't go back, I just need to froward a little better, I think.

I was greeted by starlings on the wire by my front door this morning (I'd be devastated if someone suggested an underground cable!) probably from Siberia, on their way south I'm reliably informed.Some magical circling going on here & there thru the day.

I made a  baby card & was asked to personalise it! I just pretended it was text & dug out a bit of girly lace, quite pleased - my DH said he wanted one with his name on! The leather pram is an older design of mine that I built on.

Found these in my laundry a couple of weeks ago, I'm ashamed to say.  They've made tiny little (Cara) potatoes with no help from anybody, amazing really. i potted them up, just to see.

Made some cards for an order, but I've REALLY got to get on making for the 4 CCF's that are happening soon!

I'm embarrassed that these squares were taken with a flash, badly. You get the idea.

Went a little mad with the first one in size. It's a start of something I saw in Angie Huges' book when I was browsing the shelves in Inverness a while ago. Ooh, her textures & colors! I compensated with the size of the next one; bits from my box. Card making leftovers, stitched organza, metal wine bottle neck bits - nearly lost my fingers getting them off & a question to myself. Which way?

I just took the dog for a walk along the bay as he was trying to bite my knee off while I was writing this. Wonderful listening to the peeps of the meadow pippets, the crarck (?) of the heron & the call of the, I think , curlew. No oyster catchers screaming tonight. It was that beautiful gloaming time, dark enough for the bats to be out but light enough to be able to see their outline against the sky. I could smell the fires, knowing there'd be one waiting for me when I got home. I could smell the seaweed & the brine. Of course last night I'd have had a clear sky with a half moon & stars but I was happy. I do love seeing the lights on & the curtains not yet drawn , a peeping Tom? not really - it gives quite a safe, secure feeling knowing there are other people there, I don't feel excluded as some might. I once gave a suggestion at a stress management group I went to after the having of my youngest knocked me off my feet a little, to someone who wanted to feel as happy & cosy as the neighbors she saw thru their lit windows, of putting her own cosy lights on & going outside to look in her own windows; not sure how well it went down but we've got to make our own cosy I think.

 I need to fit in a bath, some yoga while I'm all warm & a bit of supper before ironing an enormous amount of bedding for our B&B cupboard & a cottage change over I'm doing for a friend who's gone away by the time the Single Father starts at 9pm. I'll try not to tear all over the duvet covers!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Now, where was I?

Oh, yes, having a nice few days off with my sister in law & uncle in law (SIL & UIL !) This is rather a long post so either make yourself a coffee or just flick thru quickly!

But first, thanks so much for all those kind comments about my debut as a cat walk user! There probably won't be a second time but it was a great experience & I now realise why a model won't get out of bed for less than £10k, they're worth every penny! My boys are often in the back pages of the local rag as they're all sporty but hey, I hit the front page!!!! I'm in a group photo & luckily I'm wearing the white outfit & NOT revealing all!

I got featured by a home decor shop (?) in return for adding this link...well ok I guess!

Lazy Boy Recliners

Forgot to add this pic of a bank from our last walk.

I can definately see a panel in stitch from this - on my list...!

We then went on a trek up the west coast of the Island as there is good fishing from the rocks below Neist Point Lighthouse according to my Middlest - we've had the pleasure of eating the fish he caught - pollock & macrel.

A very different coastline to the south end of the island.

You can stay here at Neist Point lighthouse.

I tried to capture the gannets while not being blown off the cliff edge

& the boys  fishing down below

See them right down there? Bear in mind my UIL is 84 next week!

me away from the edge - I have slight vertigo! (that & the wind made this crooked ;)

The other side of the lighthouse

where there are these amazing sculptures made by many visitors - we always have to change something, leave our mark; I did.

My SIL by the hoist

wire (I can't spell hawsers!) beneath the hoist

Some wonderful textures & rock formations

a decaying door at the top of the path that runs up such a big hill, but we made it! 

A beautiful gate to the lighthouse I forgot to add earlier (I get frustrated trying to move pics about!)

On the way up to Neist Point we passed these turbines - a young lad was up recently doing a dissertation on these in the landscape & was interested  the artistic point of view from, my  DH really, as a landscape painter.

I wonder if they can hear them?

I love this shed

If you're still here, thank you for letting me share my day with you.

Monday, 4 October 2010

The bodice revealed!

Lets see if I can upload some pics today. (didn't take too long!)

It was difficult for my (poor) DH (sitting thru it all) to take well lit photos. There was just dark flattering lighting, thank goodness!  Once I'd found where he was sitting I could enjoy a good pose - well, I was in the mood!

Excuse the redeye too! An outfit for every day wear?

another beautiful bodice

fabulous one piece

gorgeous accesories & a "waspie" type bodice

more accessories

What a hussy! I'm not winking or asleep, just trying to see where I'm going, down some steps in heels!
The background is great, wish I'd been involved in making it.

The red chair is supporting the broken ankle of the director who's commentating - she's got some baby bunting wrapped round the top of the cast!

I'm sure I was made to wear that fabric in the 70's!

That's not flesh bulging out (tho I wish I'd not forgotten to wear those slimmimg girdle pants!) Lesson one, never use a pale beige lining for your creations, unless it matches what you're making of course. Hopefully there'll be a pic in the West Highland Free Press newspaper of the actual top of my parasol - I should have started on the inside first!

What a poser, I had such fun at my first fashion show!