Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fitting it all in (or not)

Well, I keep trying, that's the important thing!

I was asked last weeked to put 4 - 8 collage in Inchmore Gallery, near Inverness, wich is opening under new owners mid November. I'm so excited! Needed by Nov 1st but I'm going away the Wednesday, that's 9 days away. I have 3 collage in the studio, thought I'd try to dash off a couple more, oh & cards, too. Hmmm. Then I was asked on Monday if I could take a Christmas card making day at Rag Tag on Friday, session work, of course I can. It was great, v satisfying. I'd already been booked to do a cottage change over for a friend on Sat so add the 4 work days that left 3 days. Hmmm. Today, the last free day, the priority was to make the youngest a birthay cake - he & the middlest were off to work so we had peace & quiet to get it into the oven just as the mother rang this morning. I've beavered away but they aren't complete. 3 might have to do. We'll see if I can't do some beading/sticking with the Single Father tonight. Are we really here again?

(The requested carrot cake was delicious - I cannot believe my baby is 16; that's the important thing)

His card

Some squares

packaging, burning my bra (!) there are beads there, but a little fuzzy,
an old photo from my drawer, bits & pieces from card making,  inside the cardboard from train trip coffee, more grassy stitching

The last trip out with the rellies involved going down the next peninsula up the map of Skye, to Elgol. A 16 mile drive from the main road along the island. When you get there you have to turn around & go back the way you came...or get on a boat. On the way was an archaeological dig -  High Pasture Cave - we decided to pop into, been meaning to go for ages. It's been there for years & they told us it would be filled in within the next couple of weeks. I call that timing!

There's a 300m underground stream. I went in about a foot, that was enough for me!

Very exciting, dark & noisy. Had to go thru this trap door - he offered to close it so my eyes could ajust! I declined ;)

Lots of beautiful artifacts from here gone off to Edinbro, lots of inspiration.

On to Elgol & fabulous views. The Isle of Rum & the Cuillin Ridge

The rock formations are stunning, I can show you a tiny few.

Rock pools - I will do something with these, Julie!

Hard to believe this is nature

Right, Single Father has started!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful about the gallery Emma and great shots, yes, some stitching on those rock pool photos....I fully expected elves in a boat coming from those mountains or perhaps a selkie? xox Corrine

artymess said...

great news Emma... .your collages are ACE so not surprised they want them those rock pools stunning ....xx

Julie said...

Congratulations on your gallery news Emma. Your photographs are wonderful and I especially love the rock pools. I shall look forward to seeing what comes form the inspiration :) The rock formations are fantastic.

Jill said...

Congrats on the gallery invite Emma - I'm sure you'll get it sorted. I love the photos too - inspiring.

jan said...

Congratulations on the gallery news, busy time for you! I love all your photo's the rock pools are gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Fantastic photos! The rock pool photos look amazing! I love the scenery in Skye, one of my favourite places to visit. Hope you manage to find time to make some more collages! :) x

ju-north said...

Love everything, especially the rock formations!

Heloise said...

I feel exhausted reading all that you are trying to fit in. Good luck with sales at the gallery. The photographs are fantastic.

Mail Art Dramas said...

wow, you need to clone yourself!
these last few photos would make a great collage put together. All the photos are fab!
I love the colors, all the blues and grays.

jackie said...

Lots of excitement for you, and some stunning scenery. I only made the book to use a long standing voucher given by one of my sons; I feel much less guilty now I have got round to using it.

Parabolic Muse said...

What pretty photos. A great trip.
I love that card, too. You have been so busy. A good feeling, no?

savoyarde said...

beautifuls picture's good day

Lorraine said...

great eldest is 11 soon where does time go and good luck fitting it all in!!