Sunday, 17 October 2010

A little behind

Not sure where the time has gone; I'm a little behind in everything. Well, I can't go back, I just need to froward a little better, I think.

I was greeted by starlings on the wire by my front door this morning (I'd be devastated if someone suggested an underground cable!) probably from Siberia, on their way south I'm reliably informed.Some magical circling going on here & there thru the day.

I made a  baby card & was asked to personalise it! I just pretended it was text & dug out a bit of girly lace, quite pleased - my DH said he wanted one with his name on! The leather pram is an older design of mine that I built on.

Found these in my laundry a couple of weeks ago, I'm ashamed to say.  They've made tiny little (Cara) potatoes with no help from anybody, amazing really. i potted them up, just to see.

Made some cards for an order, but I've REALLY got to get on making for the 4 CCF's that are happening soon!

I'm embarrassed that these squares were taken with a flash, badly. You get the idea.

Went a little mad with the first one in size. It's a start of something I saw in Angie Huges' book when I was browsing the shelves in Inverness a while ago. Ooh, her textures & colors! I compensated with the size of the next one; bits from my box. Card making leftovers, stitched organza, metal wine bottle neck bits - nearly lost my fingers getting them off & a question to myself. Which way?

I just took the dog for a walk along the bay as he was trying to bite my knee off while I was writing this. Wonderful listening to the peeps of the meadow pippets, the crarck (?) of the heron & the call of the, I think , curlew. No oyster catchers screaming tonight. It was that beautiful gloaming time, dark enough for the bats to be out but light enough to be able to see their outline against the sky. I could smell the fires, knowing there'd be one waiting for me when I got home. I could smell the seaweed & the brine. Of course last night I'd have had a clear sky with a half moon & stars but I was happy. I do love seeing the lights on & the curtains not yet drawn , a peeping Tom? not really - it gives quite a safe, secure feeling knowing there are other people there, I don't feel excluded as some might. I once gave a suggestion at a stress management group I went to after the having of my youngest knocked me off my feet a little, to someone who wanted to feel as happy & cosy as the neighbors she saw thru their lit windows, of putting her own cosy lights on & going outside to look in her own windows; not sure how well it went down but we've got to make our own cosy I think.

 I need to fit in a bath, some yoga while I'm all warm & a bit of supper before ironing an enormous amount of bedding for our B&B cupboard & a cottage change over I'm doing for a friend who's gone away by the time the Single Father starts at 9pm. I'll try not to tear all over the duvet covers!


Anonymous said...

Time does have a way of slipping past without us knowing. I've been feeling behind too, maybe it's a universal thing right now. At least your arrow is moving forward, but to where we will have to wait until next week. Lovely squares and starlings and yes the call of the heron is so croinky isn't it. Have a good evening. xox Corrine

Laura said...

how about sitting down for a lovely cup of tea. just feeling the form of the cup in your hand. inhaling the fragrance. slowly lifting the cup to your lips. sipping with awareness of the flavor on your tongue, the warmth flowing down your throat. place the cup down. look at the lovely color of the tea. breathe out. breathe in. exhale with an audible sigh. YOU have done so much. Just sit and be. Be with Emma. With a cup of tea. With the moment at hand. All the other things will be there waiting later. For now...just BE.

gentle steps my busy, busy friend
xo from America

Jill said...

Oh what a wonderful description of your return home from your walk - I don't know about David Tennant, but you certainly tugged at my heart-srings with you image of a cosy homecoming and the sound of those coastal birds.There is nothing like a peep into someone else's cosy home at that magic gloaming time and I think your theraputic idea was inspired.
Best wishes from the suburbs.

Heloise said...

Hope you got everything done. Going for a walk late afternoon at this time of year is good, as you say you can see warm and cosy homes. Like the cardboard and golden arrow best this week.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you totally, Em. We've got to make our own cosy - love that phrase!! Lesley xx

Catharina Maria said...

What a lovely baby card Emma !
And the squares are also nice .
Love ♥RINI♥

Linda Stokes said...

Beautiful card Emma & evocative description & photos. I do enjoy the glimpses of your part of the world!

Parabolic Muse said...

Hey, you gotta be easy on yourself sometimes. Take moments. Breathe. Wait a while to do the next thing... Time marches and we have to keep it from getting all bossy!

Yeah, I just posted a bunch of pics taken with a flash because I had no choice. I wasn't embarrassed this time, but boy, are they wonky.

These look pretty good, actually! Thanks for sharing.

Mail Art Dramas said...

thanks for the walk, loved hearing about the sounds and smells.

Linda Vincent said...

What a delightful piece of writing created a lovely image and described the sights, sounds and smells so well.
Love your collage pieces as always (especially the green one).
Keep cosy... :-)

jan said...

Love all your pictures! I especially like walking at this time of year with all the colours, especially if its sunny.