Sunday, 3 October 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

September has gone by so a strip & a month of squares.

A twiddly bit I found on my desk; the way I feel sometimes!; from a B&B breakfast tea box; making some cards using starfish 'beads' so I drew one; a nugget of rust on some umbrella fabric; a blade box, I think, mounted on bits & pieces from my box.

September all together.

Remember that fashion show i was making my bodice for? Well, I also made an 'accessory'...a parasol inspired by one of the Chelsea floweshow programs, beautiful floral parasols & when I saw them i thought "stitch that!" When the idea of a fashion show came up at Rag Tag I thought that's what I'll make. I knew it would take a while, away from my work in the studio, but I did it anyway!

I stripped a brolly. (Well, I wasn't going to attempt to make one from scratch!)

Then I wrapped it (yes, I know) with lots of different colored strips of fabric, including strips of the rainproof stuff. I strung wire a little between the spokes.

Then I added some netting, stitching it to the spokes & wire.

Over time, while watching tv or chatting to visiting family, or just fiddling about in the studio when I should have been doing something else, I made some flowers out of lots of bits & pieces of fabric & stitched them onto 'panels' I'd thrown over the netting, stitching here & there. I sewed some hearts on the machine as a nod to the Alice in wonderland theme. I was thinking fantasy, as was the brief. The inner spokes needed covering but I ran out of time (?) so I ruffled some netting up & into the spokes with the odd stitch to keep it in place. I made a 'glove' out of a bit of netting & added 3 leftover flowers to a cuff to wear over the 'glove. I didn't get round to a facinator & I borrowed a friend at RT's neclace.

Well, it's fantasy all right!

I'll have to post the show pics tomorrow as it's taken hours to load these! I've had a bath, supper with my family, watched x factor with the boys & done a bit of washing up while waiting, hey ho!


Jill said...

Wonderful umbrella and well done sticking with blogger which seems to be causing everyone bother, surely they must change it. Can't wait to see the photos of the fashion show!

artymess said...

Cool .........might get wet if it rains tho ....he he .......x

Jan Hennings said...

love this..Great idea :)

Lorraine said...

wacky surreal it

Anonymous said...

Intriguing fantasy parasol yes, it suits you I think! Model pictures of the bodice and parasol please...xox Corrine And yes, thought it was time I showed a bit of the grown up face, although sticking through a cow
poster, well still a bit daft.

Jan said...

Charming and unusual and rather cheerful.

Unknown said...

The parasol looks great! Looking forard to seeing the photos of the show! :) x

ArtPropelled said...

The parasol looks amazing on top. beautiful colours! As for the squares...I'm so drawn to them.

Jackie said...

What a great idea!