Sunday, 31 January 2016

Just in time

By the skin of my teeth I've managed to write a post in January. If you don't mind I'd like to show you my latest 5 inch squares. Be patient, there are 7 ...... which must mean it's 7 weeks since I was last here. I'm really enjoying the discipline of a weekly piece.

 Peacock Feather
 Flamingo Feathers
 New Moon
 Full Moon

 A couple of extras that match the moons - well, the fabric was still out, a little machine stitch,  a little hand stitch & there's less to tidy away ;) I will stitch that loop on soon, & a button.

 earrings & a wrist cuff

 useful little patches & a sample for the sketchbook (I'm still working on samples for the other pieces, just in case I never see them  again, you understand)

 why do we do this to ourselves? I can't even watch TV while I do this as winding & untangling takes more concentration than any of the actual work I do!

We were asked by Workshop on the Web members fb page to show our workplaces, so intriguing to have a peep into others places.

I was delighted to be asked to join the Raasay Hanging Group in helping the Raasay community to create an enormous hanging for their village hall, about 5 foot x 10 foot. I took along my squares to give an idea that everybody who wanted to could contribute a piece. That we could print pieces, collect & draw all sorts, make little 3d found object replicas to dangle & stitch & knit as there is a rich & varied environment over there. It'll be great fun bringing it all together.

 couldn't resist this tree at the ferry terminal even tho it was sleeting in my ear!

 my mode of transport, sunshine in the background!

 a light dusting on Raasay

 OK I know, 3 views of Skye from Raasay is a bit much, but what a change aver about 4 hours!

Last but not least, my friend Rusty by the Hall door.