Saturday, 26 July 2014

The week that was

OK, so I had the exhibition

Disappointingly quiet but these things happen

 proud of my new work despite there not being enough people around to appreciate it

My little helper!

 Enjoyed the Highland cows on the way home & didn't have too much road rage when some people stop in the middle of the road to take pics (I parked up safely) or go too near the cows for their own good ( I keep well away from horns that can gore you with a small turn of the head!)

even had time to relax on the terrace - I felt I'd earned it

I'd like to do more sketching - this wisteria follows on from my last post ....can it really be nearly 2 months ago?
 I'd sketched this building from a Macdonalds in Eastbourne when down for the wedding - all I could find in there was a napkin (lovely tape showing thru there ;) & some left over paint from printing below that. I need to work more on my sketchbook

 Working on 2  pieces for the Skye Quilters' exhibition; there I go jumping from neutrals to brights again....

 last but not least a little success in the sale of a piece at the Made in Sleat exhibition, poster below  - we had the opening tonight & I sold my lovely owl feather, I say lovely as I'll miss it but it's gone to a good home.

Mounted on watercolor paper as kindly suggested by Isobel, thank you.

Here's hoping for a busy week!