Saturday, 26 September 2015

End of the Summer

Autumn is in the air but I had to pick a last bunch of flowers before the garden is finally over. Things started later this year so it stands to reason they lasted longer, except for the blackberries. I ate 6 pretty sour berries today & the rest are green & almost all the rest have gone mushy round where I live, such a waste of lovely growth.

I love the vase of flowers above but I quite like the 'framed' look of the still life, too.

 I'm following along with Design Matters TV daily sketchbook work - it reminds me of the square a day I did 5 years ago, except I've whited out only a few pages in the gardening book I've purloined ready for sketching & sticking & only started the 'front' pages & one entry on the 18th of this month so far. Maybe with the end of the season nigh I'll be able to do some work just for myself, playing, disappearing into the pages with color or fine lines for a bit of peace.

The shoulder diagrams? Yes,  I finally got my lovely GP to get me a scan of my shoulders - I think he did it for my peace of mind. Well, I have a near full thickness tear in the rotator cuff, calcium deposits, erosion at the top of the arm bone - humerous? they call it spinosis, like a hedgehog, well you can imagine the prickly pain, can't you ? & all that causes the Impingement Syndrome which makes me just a little butter fingered & I can't alwys feel or grip a needle..... I'm off to the shoulder surgeon so this book might be quite cathartic ;)

What do you imagine these knitted pieces will be? Bet you can't guess! I've been using 'Norwegian knitting' showed to me by a Norwegian who could never understand why we laboriously (well, it is when I do it!) wrap the needle with our right hand when we can just pick up the thread from our left index finger.....look up European knitting - I ain't no knitter but I'm enjoying these bits & pieces.

Went for a lovely walk a few weeks ago to celebrate 28 years married (!)

 The Storr - you can just see the 'Old Man of Storr' 1/3 of the way in, beautifully highlighted by the sun.There were about 100 cars parked along the roadside - we saw 5 other people where we walked down on the shore below.

 Quite stunning really.

The reason for a good walk? Lunch in Skye Pie, the most mouth watering pie I've ever had, but I probably drooled more in the beautiful gallery next to the cafe area. The work is by various talented people but the big piece I know is by Jan Kilpatric, near Ullapool.

I really must get my India Flint book out for another look see!