Saturday, 19 December 2015

Happy Christmas & a wonderful New Year

Wishing you all Happy Christmas & a Wonderful New Year

aconite & nasturtium
I don't normally commit to  weekly make but thought I'd join Kate Bridger in Made on Monday when she saw my work on the Textile Arts fb group. A necessary incentive to keep working ;) 5" x 5"
 not too difficult........

nasurtium, foxglove & geranium


fennel seed head

The last 3 were the result of some printing I did for cards, the day before my last craft fair end of November, which went ok...

A walk I went on when my sister in law visited in September to the Fairy Glen. Very popular with the summer visitors & I hadn't been before.  The weather then was similar to now, altho it's probably warmer this month!

 you either love or hate these little 'statues'

 This little gap was quite tricky for me, one to get thru (I'm only a size 14) but as you can see from the 1st pic of the fairy castle it's quite high up & what you can't see is the massive drop to the right of the pic. A good challenge for me to go up there (for all of 3 seconds & I didn't look down) for someone with a bit of vertigo. Why would I let that stop me? You should have heard my heart beating!

I had a go at the DMTV 3m challenge, a 'diary sketchbook' took me right back to my 'square a day' from 2010. I certainly didn't fill a page a day but I enjoyed what I did & will probably just carry on.

I probably wouldn't use a recycled book for a sketchbook again tho as it put me off 'having' to white out pages or stick down my sketch, not good for a procrastinator like me  tho I do love a recycled book - maybe I should just have one already prepared laying around.

The feathers above  is probably the page I'll enter for the competition they are running.

So NOBODY tried to guess what I was making with the knitted 'patches' !!They've made up my first handmade by me pair of knitted legwarmers - the last leg warmers I wore were for ballet & were a pretty pink in my very early teens ;) I so love these, exactly how I envisioned them. You should have seen me with my tongue hanging out with consentration relearning how to attach 2 sides with crochet on the internet.

The first warmer had enough capacity for 2 legs so I took a strip off, knitted some more & made some hand warmers, before I saw the ones on the DMTV blog! Just a bit of fun stuff....for me! I will try some 'twiddlemits' in the new year if someone shows me locally how to knit neatly (the link is to my fb page but it could disappear in a sea of 'Christmas' so do google it ;)....... worthy knitting I think. They are for people with dementia & the little attachments give the person something to fiddle with.

Beautiful day last week before the wind & rain came back & washed it all away. How lucky am I to live here?