Thursday, 30 September 2010

I'm interupting myself

It was such a beautiful day today, looked quite calm on the loch so once the B&B had gone we just had to go on a little boat trip. Carpe diem & all that.

We use a shot like this to entice our guests.

The hill I walked up last year by Loch Hourne

Coming round to Isle Ornsay light house

Cows on the hill

the light house house

A very private beach

Another boat passing by Loch Hourne. Choppy, no?!

A quick snap of a Cormorant, can you see him against the houses?
 He looks toally photoshopped!

I just love this little tree! Very slightly blurred (!) due to the big waves, I think ;)

My little pal, but it was those legs in the background doing the driving!


Mail Art Dramas said...

I think you live in Heaven, you LUCKY woman!

Jan Hennings said...

beautiful photo's!

Anonymous said...

Your little pal looks like he wants a romp in the waves. A bit of chop and cormorant here too, on the pond, on the dock wings spread to dry, love those birds. Heaven like Jill said, indeed. xox Corrine

Beverley Baird said...

What gorgeous photos! What a lovely place to be to visit when you want!
have a great weekend!

ju-north said...

Now I'm wanting to be there! Great photos!

artymess said...

This is my dream place to live you are SO lucky it looks idyllic .........lovely photos thanks for sharing ...xx

mano said...

I love this isle - it's a impressing region. great photos! and your dog looks so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, Em. I expect Tam managed to swim part of the way! Lol! Lesley x

Linda Vincent said...

We're coming! Hoping to see you in May :-)
Great photos Emma....but that first one is enchanting.
Love the one with the cormorant too.

Numinosity said...

An amazing place! I would love to stay at that B&B someday!
xoxo Kim

PS, I love your skinny photos!

Heloise said...

Beautiful photographs!

Catharina Maria said...

You live your life in a beautiful country , love from ♥RINI♥

ArtPropelled said...

I'm well and truly enticed. If we are ever in your neck of the woods (it could happen) I'm booking in to your B&B.