Sunday, 12 September 2010

Mid September already

I'm going to have to admit to the Autumn, soon, much as it hurts to say goodbye, only for a couple of seasons, to these.

and these.

Looking at this pic I took this afternoon I've got to say I'm filled with hope for next year - if I can do it once, I can do it again, maybe even better (I find I tell myself this all the time, don't always listen!)

Just to fill my life with even more when there's already no room left, I did a fabulous 2 day workshop with a costumier called Morag. The workshop was held at Rag Tag & Textiles for the purpose of making a bodice to model in the late autumn fashion show that Rag Tag are putting on in Broadford & Inverness. I don't think I've cut a clothes pattern out since I was at school & i was so excited that i was finally able to be taught & to do something that so many are able to do with their eyes closed. I'm sure it's given me the confidence to try other pieces of clothing. The bodice is coming on, slowly but surely.

You get the general picture - on the right are the loops sewed on the lining that will lace me in! I've got to do some top stitching, neatly mind, on what we called the learning curve ;) I'll ask my friends for some pics of the class next week. I started a little corsage for the bodice. 

I really learnt far more than just how to make a beautiful bodice. Thank you, Morag, & Meg & Fiona for organising it.

some squares

Another piece of painted Magnum wrapper, coupons out of date; it's all about money, a dried up wetwipe for work spillages, a nod to the swallows on the wire - I had to look at the sillhouette in the birdbook to help with an outline, inspired by Jackie I tried to stitch some empty pill packets, my needle had a little wobbly but it's ok. When you both have asthma there are always empty pill packets of some kind twinkling at me from the waste paper bin! The last square is a variation of a card I was making this week - there's a fish you can just about see hanging there fashioned out of thin red wire.

Too much playing this last week, not enought work :)


Julie said...

You can never have too much play ;o) We have lots of pill debris here too, I had never thought of stitching it, now there's a thought.

Anonymous said...

Oh you are so brave to sew that bodice. I bet it will look fab on you with your coloring...Fall is arriving fast, but I suspect there will be some Summer left to come. I know because all the dogs are molting and getting their winter coats and the puffs of dog hair are everywhere.
Like the pill pack in the squares...xox Corrine

Numinosity said...

What an interesting class to take! And how brave to even think about modeling a bodice at that!
I know what your mean about the sewing. I just made curtains to cover the open shelving in our kitchen and could believe how crooked they came out!
Spectacular flower photo. What a gorgeous assortment.
xoxo Kim

Unknown said...

Very impressed with the bodice, it looks great! I would love to go to a sewing class where I can be properly taught how to make clothes and not just use patterns from shops! :) x

Heloise said...

Lovely to see the swallows even though they are departing until next spring. Your floral collection looks great on the weathered wood. Good luck with the course.

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

What a great workshop to do! I shy away from making clothes even though I did O Grade fashion and fabric. It fills me with chills the thought of having to sew neatly! Looking forward to seeing the finished piece : )

Anonymous said...

The bodice will be awesome. I am completely in awe of anyone who can sew clothes - mine always had the "loving hands at home" look. Not good. lol!

Linda Stokes said...

Beautiful flower photo Emma & good luck with finishing your bodice - sounds like a great class. I've been wanting to make myself some clothes for ages but I'm too easily distracted by other projects.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Jackie said...

Your flowers look so beautiful individually like that and the light up there is so clear its shows them really well.

jackie said...

Have you tried printing with the pill packets, Gaviscon packaging works really well - I take a lot of that! I didn't know he had got his swimming slot as I was on holiday. Otherwise we could have followed him by satellite tracker, which would have been a mixed blessing.