Sunday, 26 September 2010

The start of the week

My uncle in law (UIL) & sister in law (SIL) ;) came up last weekend, he over from Co Wicklow, Ireland & she from North Wales, near my DH & her family home on the Lleyn Peninsula. So that means we take time off & get to go out & about around this wonderful Island of ours! First stop was the resevoir hidden in  the hills the other side of Isle Ornsay, about 3 miles away. We drove as close as we could then it's about a mile in along a quad bike track. Except the river crossing the track was in spate & we decided not to try it despite my 2 helpful lads - UIL is 84 next month after all!

So we went thru the woods, precarious to say the least, lots of fences to 'step' over or go thru, one or two muddy cliffy bits over the river but he was unstoppable so we felt the least we could do would be to follow!

They guided us, were encouraging, stood under us in case we fell down the incline (we would have squashed them flat, but an excellent sentiment!) My boys.

So we arrived, it wouldn't have been as exciting if we'd used the normal path.

If it hadn't been a wet, moody misty day there would only have been a trickle to see.

A buzzard's nest on the treacherous journey back.

Maybe we could get a little hydro system going to power these lines.

A few squares - printing with the pill packets, for Jackie, bits & pieces with a big bead tied on, the pill packet stamp itself, some lovely playing with needlefelting - I've been reading my e mag In Stitches - the swallow resist - I saw one today - a flower - I've been making a few of these!

My middlest' GF is 18 next week, so another cuff. He seemed to think she'd like it. ;)

A rather moody  early frosty morning shot. The angle of the sun is changing.

I need to look for some more glitzy buttons, I think.

Slow progress on the bodice front (he, he!) The show is next Saturday!


ju-north said...

Great photos and cuff! the colours seem to reflect the surroundings. Wish I was there!

Anonymous said...

What a place, definitely worth the trek, spectacular. Love the wet dog.....
Cuff is lovely, I am sure she will think it's fab. xox Corrine

mano said...

what a wonderful landscape!
and the cuff and the squares are really beautiful!

Heloise said...

Quite an adventure in beautiful landscape. The cuff is gorgeous, what a lovely present.

Uta said...

Wow what great photos! What a lovely magical place you live in. The cuff is wonderful!!!

Laura said...

such a beautiful walk! I love the piece you are creating too!

Mail Art Dramas said...

love the pictures. looked like a great day with family.

Parabolic Muse said...

Emma, this is a wonderful post. Such great photos. Such artfulness. Thanks!

jackie said...

Yes, that walk looks so lush and green. Pleased you enjoyed making use of the pill packets.

Linda Vincent said...

Sounds like you had quite an adventure! Good job you had the boys to help you oldies out ;-)
How lovely that you've made a present for the she'll be pleased.