Sunday, 14 March 2010

It's mother's day

a few squares, some coloring, a piece of plastic, the inside of a calculator sent by my dad, stuff in my bits box on the desk, & a 'slow cloth' even tho it's done by a machine ...I think
I had a lovely card from the absent one (away at Edinbro) with a pic of a big pig & a little pig gazing up & he said at some point we must have looked like them; my heart broke into loving pieces. A text from the morning after the night before one & a hug when he got back before he went off to catch up on sleep & hugs & help from the youngest all day. They are 21 this month, 17 & 15, my boys. Love 'em to bits. I sent my mum a card similar to this acer leaf pic.


Anonymous said...


I found you through Jo Reimer's blog and wanted to tell you I really like your work with all it's texture and odd bits of this and that. Wonderful.


Emma said...


Linda Vincent said...

Gorgeous pieces of art the last 2 especially. Great card too; the gold thread finishes it off beautifully.

jackie said...

Lovely textured paper for your background. I am pleased you had a good response to your birthday request.