Monday, 8 March 2010

It's all about numbers

I got my numbers mixed up for last weeks strip of squares, THIS is my 11th strip of 6. If I had used a background that fitted 7 squares, or made my 3cm squares proportionately smaller I could have used the real weeks as a guideline, & then I discovered I'd missed a square out when numbering them in my sketchbook & I wondered why I was being so pernickety. I photographed the months worth of 30 little squares & I love that it's 5 rows of 6 making one big square but it turned out that Jan 31 was the first square & March 1 was the last square of the second month - can I cope with that? , but it looks so neat! & then I go & disperse them into the books, sometimes not in the 'right' order... It's something I wanted to do at the time, but could I change it 2 months & a week in? No!! I worry if I interupt number one to three hundred & sixty five something dreadful might happen to the tiny little bit of order in my life!

You see my problem with numbers, that I'm all at sixes & sevens......?


cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

lol Emma, well you have well and truely confused me, I was going to ask what happens when its a leap year but youve not got that problem this year lol ju x

Linda Vincent said...

Not sure whether to read it again and see if it makes more sense or just nod my head and agree....
Love the collages though!!! (Great colours)