Monday, 1 March 2010

A lovely Spring day for St David's

It's a beautiful Spring day out there, no biting Northerly winds, perfect for a bit of clearing up in the garden, but i have to go to work soon, typical! For the first time in ages no little 'February's Gold' Daffodil to give to my D for St David's day, but I did get a meter weeded & took some pics of crocus & snowdrops.
My eleventh lot of 6 squares, that's 2 months worth now, & no misses in February! This line includes the print I took from the diamond plate I made inspired by both Julie's workshop with Ruth Isset & Beryl Taylor (sorry, haven't learnt how to do links yet!)


Linda Vincent said...

I think your bulbs have beaten ours!! Today should help though as its a wonderful sunny one - at last!
The collages look really good...a great selection of techniques and materials. Do I espy a Stanley knife blade!! :-)

Genie said...

Love the photos,
sunshine for us down south as well.

Ro Bruhn said...

Your collages are fabulous as are the crocus and snow drops.
Re my stamps, yes I keep a little book with every stamp that I've made in it, that way I have a record.

Heloise said...

It is great to have some sun back and to see all the wonderful bulbs coming into flower.

Interesting collages again; it is the one on the far right that I like best.

Julie said...

The polystyrene trays work well for prints, don't they? I must remember to follow Ro's tip and keep a record of the stamps I make.

We have just come back from a week in Wales and the verges are full of snowdrops. It has been lovely and sunny but pretty chilly. Lovely to see the sun though.

I really like the collage with the rusty blade and the final one too.

Numinosity said...

I had to look up this post because most of my garage sale and antique deals come from a town called St. David nearby here in Arizona.

I'm off to prowl around a bit now since the wind is keeping me inside with a cold on top of it.