Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Birthday Collage

My D was 50 last week, so I made him a collage of my interpretation of Ben Sgritheall (pronounced 'screel') Quite daunting doing it considering he has painted it beautifully loads of times! It's the beautiful hill we can see on the mainland from the very edge of our property, & as you walk around the bay it follows you & changes shape. This is my first pic of it, but I feel about it a little like the guy did in 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' , kept looking at it, thinking about it seeing it from different parts of the peninsula, almost wanting to ask it "what do you want from me?!". (I didn't actually ask it)

That's when, about a year ago I decided to climb it, & then I could say, ha, got you! So I did, thanks to a supportive family after about 6 months gentle training - lots of fast walking, flat & up little hills - I hadn't climbed a Munro (a hill over 3,000 feet) for 20 years. So it was a big thing for me, especially as most of my joints ache a bit most of the time, & thanks to the practice of yoga, again, just gently & sheer determination, I whouped it! Did a bit of fundraising, too, thought I might as well while I was up there & gave it to 2 places who are really good at enabling others.

The hill enabled me in all sorts of ways (once I had recovered & could walk properly again!) & so now, I can just make a collage out of it. Simple. I'll probably make one again.


Genie said...

A Lovely card well done,
found you through Julies blog.

cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Hi emma, love your collage. love the gold and the textures and seeing you conquered the HILL, you can be proud of both. ju x

Linda Vincent said...

Great collage Emma; love the background. Can't wait to see that hill in real life!!

Heloise said...

Beautiful collage.