Thursday, 11 February 2010

Middle of February

The days go by so quickly, in a blink of an eye if you're not careful. I'm still loving the square a day. I've started 2 sketchbooks, one for the terracotta & blue squares along with the neutral ones (I won't have 'beige'!)& one for anything with pink in. I'll set up another book for the fabric squares. I may even make it!

I've tea dyed tiny tags with the date on & thought I'd stamp them with the numbers, but it's the alphabet I have so I wrote them myself. I need to start stamp carving too... Now that the squares are out of order, re-sorted into color groups, another kind of picture emerges. I need the physical reminder of an image, to see it & feel it's texture, smell it even! I'll need to produce more than I have if I'm to have any hope of making any kind of a living in the new season, approaching quickly. No pressure there! Then to actually bring them out, for show & tell AND to get a constructive crit, not just from a customer in the studio who tells me they don't have any artistic talent, but from others like me, people who are working thru these things themselves! Well, I must be feeling strong:)

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Linda Vincent said...

I love all your ideas and I'm with you re: the word 'beige' - can't bear it. Really like all the layers in the gold one.