Thursday, 18 February 2010

All you need is love

Well, I thought I'd join in with all these lovey sentiments that I've been enjoying. I do love hearts all year round tho. Still haven't got round to taking a pic of my heart collage - when I look at it it does seem very, well... pink.

Meanwhile, a day late again, there are my six squares. This time they are an attempt at 3D. A friend lent me a book on Mixed Media/found object jewellery so instead of laboriously writing out the instructions, I decided to choose a few samples & make my own versions using what I had, for a 3D 'sketchbook'. It's such a validation when you open a book & see all sorts of wonderful creations made out of components that are already scattered all over your studio, admittedly they're deep inside a box or gathering dust high on a shelf & when you see what can be done with the things you too have collected, almost all your life, you realise that there was a purpose to your hoarding. Very satisfing, but I'll have to stick to the more messy look, my fingers aren't able for delicate wire twisting!


Julie said...

Good sentiments and very lovely 'charms'. I'm the same with so many pieces scattered around my house and my studio.

Linda Vincent said...

What a clever way to remember techniques; I am very impressed!

Heloise said...

Your hoarding has paid off. You have created some amazing 3D objects.