Saturday, 20 March 2010


Only 5 out of 6 squares, sometimes there's not even time in the day for a little 3 x 3 square! A skelatalized hydrangea petal, how beautiful are they! bits in my box & around my newly arranged sewing corner (the absent one doesn't need it) a brooch made from the multisurface cloth event & a sketch of a fennel seedhead. I still love making these squares.

I have been inspired to finally get on with it by Heloise (I'm so grateful!)& reading carefully thru Fibrefusion's first book very carefully. I've been wanting to do this multi colored, multi stitched, multi surfaced cloth since I did a day workshop with Jan Beany probably 12 years ago (for goodness sake!) I've got lots of books on the subject but there are always so many choices & so many types of layers & I just need/ed to work thru them slowly & that's what this blog & all the wonderfully talented & sharing people here have made me do - thanks! I made the multi colored one first, my favorite, but I do love a raggedy denim look too & I got right out of my box & made a creamy white one. I guess I could have worn it with my wedding dress....! I'm pleased with my achievement as long as I make more!

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