Wednesday, 2 June 2010

My 9th postcard

This envelope has been the biggest so far & the most colorful! Inside the envelope a postcard from Corrine Gilman at Dosfishes (blogroll) all the way from Massachusetts, US. (I shall go back at the weekend & add to each post where the other 8 postcards have come from) 

Along with the postcard are lots of bits & pieces, which is naughty as I only sent a card! But you can still smell the coffee in the packet!

 This card is astonishing as it's not a card really but a little accordian book.

It has a ribbon wrap

It has a back

and a front

It says live happier - I will, I am

It says Happy Birthday to me

I am speechless.

Thank you



Hi Emma, I got your lovely message and I will be emailing you (soon). I hope I'm not too late to do the swap and that you can still fit me. I haven't been too well and at the hospital a lot so not much at all is getting done this end!

Sending you very best wishes
Carolyn xo

Julie said...

No wonder you are speechless Emma, this card and all its additions is fabulous!

Jill said...

What a fabulous 'take' on the postcard idea, and lots of delicious bits for you to collage.

Marion said...

Wow - you are a lucky girl!

Lorraine said...

these are all brilliant..think I will have to have this idea on my blog in a couple of years when I get to 50!

artymess said...

That's amazing ...Corrine rules !!!!.......Fantastic ....xx

Ro Bruhn said...

Love this one too, they're all so different.

Numinosity said...

Corrine rocks, remind me to do a trade with her!
I love the one you sent me it sits on my bureau with Lorna's and they totally are in the same color scheme as if you two collaborated.
xoxo Kim