Saturday, 5 June 2010

postcards 11 & 12 & a month of squares

I am back & I have been away, well, for 2 days.

I took a birthday card away with me to open. This was sent by Robyn Gordon at Art Propelled (blogroll) from  Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. The envelope was covered in fabulous stamps, bright tropical colors, love 'em. Robyn carves totems & panels & as they'd be a tad large to post she sent me a card of South African work, a lovely picture of the Fengu people. She was worried about only swapping art cards, but I realised that as well as receiving beautiful samples of peoples work this is also about communication, world wide communication.

I am honored to have this from so many different places, thank you.

This morning I opened my 12th postcard from Sue at Heloise (blogroll). It is riotous, an explosion of color & texture - I love it! I have oft admired her color choice, ragged edges & wild stitching & was not dissapointed. To top it all off Sue sent me my giveaway winnings! A lovely brooch with a poignant time worn feeling to it. I may frame it. I will touch them.

I am touched, thank you.

And finally, my squares. The last 6 are very late, but they're here aren't they?!

And the month of May all together, well, bar the last day.

Since starting the postcards the making squares has been more challenging. I am revelling in this challenge!


Heloise said...

Favourite square this week is number two. I am so glad you like the brooch and postcard. It must be great fun getting all these cards and communicating across the globe.

Lorraine said...

great postcards love the African one and the one with the wild stitching is very me

Mail Art Dramas said...

I am so enjoying your post card adventure. You must be tickled pink! what a wonderful collection of art work.
this is FUN.

Julie said...

You are so right about your postcards being about communication, the African card is beautiful and how wonderful to have a link to such a historic country.

Sue's card is stunningly colourful and I will have to go and explore her blog later.

Your month's squares look great together and I love the woven ones. You have a fantastic resource here and I am very tempted to try this myself, it's a great discipline to make a small piece every day. A friend (sweetypie50) is making a fabric cum mixed media journal and I saw the pages she's done yesterday, they are wonderful and full of her personal memories.

Anonymous said...

Another monthly quilt of wonderfulness! So glad you are getting all these fab post cards to keep and savor. Won't you just smile every time. xox Corrine

ArtPropelled said...

I have really enjoyed catching up with your birthday post cards. Gorgeous work! Glad mine arrived safely and I will be sure to let you know when yours arrives. Your 4th square is my favourite in the latest 6.

Linda Vincent said...

I'm really enjoying looking at all your cards Emma - its such a great idea. I also won something from Sue; I must show on my blog this week.
Your collages look fab....and I agree with Sue, number 2 bottom left is my fav as well.