Tuesday, 22 June 2010

It's the day after tomorrow!

This morning's first card was from Jackie at Dog Daisy Chains in Lancashire, UK. This card is astonishing, I love it , love it! All that free machining gliding thru layers of sumptuous silk & silk velvet, & the colors, blue, grey, green, lime & smokey pink, mouth watering! Jackie calls this a piece of imaginary marine life, wonderful.

I feel protected, totally surrounded by these little sea creatures. Thank you so much.

My next card was from Julie at Mixed Media , Lincolnshire, UK.  This card is wonderous, I absolutely love it! Layers & layers of hand dyed fabric, some with beautifully frayed edges some neat stitched down to depict waves in the deep blue sea. Love the sandy bit, too, I can feel it in my toes, & those pretty shells!

I feel I am on a journey, & I can see across to where I am going, thank you very much.

This came in a fantastically colorful envelope, more joy for the postie! I can feel an envelope collage coming on even more!

There were all this wonderful little bits & pieces to play with later, thanks!

Looking at my pile of waiting cards I realised I could open 3 but that made it all quite overwhelming! Thank goodness I have spread this out, over a month as Corrine pointed out, as if I'd saved them all till the day I would have needed to spend a week in a very quiet room!

My third one came from Carolyn at  Mixed Media Textile Art in St. Ives,  Cornwall, UK. This card is absolutely facinating, I so love it! It is full of layers, gauzy bits, drawings & as for the seafront, well, lots of lovely detail with beads, shimmery fabric, fish & shells.

I feel happy;  that I am there by the house &I  have come home.  Thak you very much.

In the package there was more, I could hardly contain myself!

I have oft admired Carolyn's hearts, & now I have one, one of my very own & can't quite believe it. I am honored, thank you so so much!


Mail Art Dramas said...

all three cards are wonderful. and the gifts were a nice touch. The heavens are about to open up here...so black outside. seeing nice art work puts some cheer into the morning.

Crissi Harvey said...

wow they are all so beautiful and from such talented ladies

Julie said...

I am so much an admirer of both Carolyn and Jackie's work and both of these cards are absolutely beautiful, you are so lucky :o) Have a lovely birthday xx

PS Hope you don't mind if I pinch a photo of my envelope? I forgot to photograph it before I sent it.

Catharina Maria said...

Emma , they are all beautiful !!
Love st Ives great , I was there 4 years ago !
Love ♥RINI♥

cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Hi Emma there all so so beautiful ju x

Jill said...

Speechless - it is all too beautiful.

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

So lovely to follow you on this journey Emma : ) Each of there cards is such a work of art! I saw Carolyn's one on her Flickr last week and knew you'd love it. And what a treat to get a heart too!
I used to write to a boy in the army when I was a teenager and I used to decorate his envelopes to the max! hee hee hee. Wish I could see them all now. Just recommended your B&B to a fellow Etsian from America who is planning a trip : )

Anonymous said...

I can feel your excitement coming right through my computer and it's contagious. Reading this post made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I can only imagine how you must feel.

Dot said...

Oh Emma - what a amazing post! And art from 3 of my favorite bloggers too. Jackie's card is incredible, as is my friend Julie's and Carolyn does exquisite work - her hearts are beautiful.
Am so pleased you are taking us on this journey with you.
Dot xx


Glad it all arrived safely Emma. Sorry my envelope was a complete mess unlike Julie's which is absolutely gorgeous. Love both Julie's and Jackie's exquisite work. Happy birthday for tomorrow. Have a lovely day