Sunday, 20 June 2010

Two more beautiful cards

I can have two cards again today! The first one is from Sue M at Sue's Craft Cupboard, a brand new blog,  in Victoria, Australia. This is a fabulous postcard, full of detail, lots of layers made out of a mixture of handmade, hand painted & found papers. Even a wrapped slide mount & a cute little dragonfly! Another fab heart from a bit of map too! My 15yr old just came back from a weekend away & noticed "a lot of love" in the recent collection, well, it's what makes the world go round! I love all the text messages, especially for me, particularly the word 'exceptional' ! :)

The envelopes & another birthday card were pretty amazing too, more eye candy for the postie!

I even got a present of Sue's lovely handmade cards & everything was tied up in pretty ribbon & paper - everyone's been great with the wrappings!

I am feeling exceptional, I really am, thank you!

My second postcard of the day was from Kelly at the Happy Shack, in Florida, USA. This card is positively gleaming, so shiny with wishes - it says on the back "my wish for you is your wish come true" I will wish for myself & of course for all of you. Love the lime, turquoise & green pretty retro flowers, they take me right back!

Another wonderful envelope to feast our eyes on!

I feel quite wishful, thank you so much!

Yesterday I went on a visit to 3 gardens on the peninsula, one possibly opening for the last time so quite poignant. I was helping with the teas & even did some baking ( I made banana bread cupcakes as I knew the loaf would take too long so I prepared the oven putting the baking shelf in -it's a 2 door Aga - & wondered why they weren't cooking. Put them in the wrong oven, oh well we got there in the end!)

I was shattered what with the baking, the running around 3 gardens within the time & the teas - fabulous weather, just enough of a breeze to keep the midges away & a bright sunny sky, so I've only sorted a few images to share with you, just to show what can be done on Skye. 4 days to go, I can hardly believe it!

Deep purple Iris

pretty flowers (?!)





Anonymous said...

Two more lovely postcards, no wonder you are feeling exceptional .The garden photos are beautiful, particularly the deep purple iris which looks almost black.

Ro Bruhn said...

Gorgeous garden and cards, Sue's another one of my altered book ladies, she creates beautiful collages.

Anonymous said...

What a glorious month long birthday celebration you are having! Those iris's make make my heart sing. xox Corrine


Such lovely cards you are getting Emma
What a fab idea for your special birthday x

Crissi Harvey said...

2 more gorgeous cards wow you must be the happiest lady in skye right now with all this scrummy post arriving.

Sylvia Ballerini Jewellery said...

Emma you certainly hit the jackpot with your idea of postcards. Sue is a friend of mine and she makes the most wonderful cards. Both postcards are lovely.