Monday, 21 June 2010

Monday's card

This morning i opened a postcard from Sylvia at Studio Sylvia, Victoria, Australia, who taught me to do this (simple, I know!) link thing, for which I'm so grateful! This card is marvelous,with it's pretty filigree butterfly & flower, delicate pearls & warm colors. It's a mixture of painted papers, ribbon music & text & Ii love it, with me all framed up like that!

I feel all fluttery! Thank so much.

There were some lovely goodies for me to play with, I love all these extra bits & pieces, thank you!

Some more of the garden I visited. I meant to put this view in yeaterday to give an idea of place - nice setting, hmmm?

The Cuillin hills

Primula & ophiopogon (sp!)

Mecanopsis to match the house, or vice versa?

campanula, I think. Oh, time's up!


Mail Art Dramas said...

the most spectacular cards just keep coming!
the Cuillin Hills take my breath away.
I posted my finished piece for the Recycled Art Contest. I'm very happy with it. Will check out the other entries today. wish me luck!

Unknown said...

I am enjoying the garden pics almost as much as the postcards :) The flowers are mostly different from what we have here, so it's very interesting to see them. I look forward to your posts every day, so I hope the cards keep coming!

Heloise said...

Beautiful photographs and card. Enjoy your birthday week.

Jackie said...

Gorgeous place to have a sense of! I was the same with links..just couldn't until someone showed me then it was so easy.

Unknown said...

Such beautiful pictures of all the wonderful flowers, Make me wish I was there! I can see why you got all fluttery, What a wonderful card and little goodies you got!