Wednesday, 23 June 2010

My last day in my 40's!

I'm a bit later in the day with this post as we had B&B this morning, then I had an Osteopath appointment about 25 miles from home & as I was that far away I thought I'd go a little further to a tiny little garden center. I bought myself some calendula - mine just haven't appeared in the garden this year- a claret colored Pink & a claret colored Wygeila. Claret & orange, mouthwatering! I'll take a pic when I've planted them!

On the way I was stuck in roadworks (yes, we have them here occasonally!) On my right I saw this, well, I had to take it didn't I? I felt like getting out & adding a zero ;) .

On my left the island just off Skye called Pabay, with the mournful looking trees - I love those trees - normally you can't see them as they blend into the mainland. It just needs a bit of mist...

The turning to the osteopath (no I didn't take a pic of him, either!) is opposite this beautiful attraction, Eilan Donan Castle. It used to feature under a hot air balloon for BBC1 a year or so ago. They are big on weddings & there were a million visitors there (why don't they come my way?!) I had a latte & was a tourist for a moment, recovering after being manipulated! It helped a little but aches & pains are just what I have to learn to live with apparently, thanks to weak joints. I'm lucky not to have anything really wrong with me....perhaps it's an age thing?!

You'd either love wearing that uniform, or you'd hate it. He was photographed a t least 50 times when walking over the bridge so he couldn't mind me snapping a pic & showing it to my friends!

On the way back to Isle Ornsay these boats, more interesting than the usual ones, were in the bay.  Taking all these photos are what kept me out for so long, but i think if you can give some purpose to waiting in a traffic jam & the like it's worth it. I like using what's around me, altho the guy behind must have thought I was mad!

I opened 2 cards today, which leaves one for the big day unless the wonderful postie brings me more!

This is from Hanna at iHanna from Sweden. This is such a pretty postcard, how did she know I liked roses so much?! She has a passion for cutting up magazines & obviously reads as many gardening mags as I do.

I feel I am in the garden smelling these lovely roses. Thank you!

The next card is from Jan at Laughing Dog Arts in Oregon USA.
This postcard is so striking & is really a mini quilt! All the black & red lines in the print of the horse are beautifully hand stitched & what incredibly precise & pretty beading, then more lovely stiching around the outside & that wonderful message to me! It is gorgeous.

I am riding, dreamily, off into the sunset. Thank you so much.
It came wrapped in this lovely envelope made out of a calendar, so resourseful, I hate throwing calendars away!


Anonymous said...

I like the outfit, kilt and all, must be my Scottish heritage.
It's late for you, so almost Birthday time. So happy 50th,
may the next 50 be grand! xox Corrine

Heloise said...

Sleep well. Wishing you a fantastic day tomorrow.

SueM said...

As it is already Thursday 24th June in Australia - HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA! May your day be filled to overflowing with wonderful surprises and joy. I have really enjoyed viewing the gorgeous postcards you've received and reading about your island life. And I've found some interesting blogs by following your links. So THANK YOU too.
xxx Sue

Anonymous said...

As the other Sue says, It is the 24th here already, and I also wish you a Happy Birthday! I hope the sun shines, the family make a fuss, you eat lots of cake, and have a wonderful time. All the best, Sue McB

Jan said...

Emma I am glad my birthday greeting horse arrived just in time! I was honored to be able to be a part of your birthday celebration.
Happy 50th birthday to you! I hope this is just the beginning of many more wonderful years for you.

Mail Art Dramas said...

wonderful pictures of your island. more great cards.
Happy Bithday!

iHanna said...

I adore roses, so glad you do too Emma! I've been saving it for a few weeks so that it would arrive on your birthday or at least the same week - A big and joyful Happy Birthday to you!

Oh, and love the hose quilt - very cool!

Joanne said...

Beautiful images, beautiful cards! I clicked over from Laura's blog to wish you a very Happy Birthday ... Enjoy :)

sweetypie said...

you are now 50! every thing will hurt,bits of you will fall apart and you wont remember anything any more---I recomend sloe gin and nmaltesers at regular intervals, happy birthday emma

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Emma,

I found out about you from my friend Jan at Laughing Dog Arts. Happy Birthday to you!! Don't worry turning 50
is not so bad after all...I have been there already!!
I love the beautiful post card you made for Jan, it is so colorful and lovely!!

I use to live in England for awhile and traveled to Scotland a few times. The summer of 1999 I visited your beautiful Isle Of Skye. I will always treasure that trip and I remember the rock called the Old Man of Store, and how it was surrounded my low beautiful!!

Hugs and Smiles,

Art of Mine