Sunday, 13 June 2010

postcards Nos 22 and 23

Today I also opened 2 cards, so exciting!

The first one is from Angeline in the Netherlands. Blogger wouldn't let me put her on my side bar so it's lucky I've learnt this link thing! I must ask her whether she can install (or whatever) a translator button as I'm not good with Dutch, but the pictures are lovely!

This card is beautiful! So visually textural, wax crayons I think on wonderful paper with other painted papers & found paper added, lots of bright colors, I love it!

I am soaring, thank you!

Angeline made the envelope out of a gardening magazine page - I must  sew some Chard!

The next postcard was from Julie at A Little Bit of Cornish mist down in Penzance.

This card is wonderful, a very welcome sight! Lots of layers of painted & found papers with a tag & stamped fabric at the bottom & some tiny shells.

I feel soothed, thank you.

Didn't catch up with my squares, will do, soon, I'm sure!


Heloise said...

It is intriguing and good that these two compliment each other with colour and sea. You are amassing a beautiful collection of art.

cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Hi Emma, so glad you like it and it arrived safe and sound ju x

Jill said...

Another beautiful pair of cards each with a breath of sea air.

Julie said...

Both are beautiful cards.

Mail Art Dramas said...

yet, even more beautiful cards! so far you have not had one dud.

Unknown said...

I am enjoying this almost as much as you -- can't wait to see your postings every day.

Sylvia Ballerini Jewellery said...

These are beautiful.

Linda Stokes said...

So many fabulous postcards! great to see them all appear.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Numinosity said...

Wow, these are so nice!
I just did a paper swap with Angeline recently too!
Julie's piece is amazing and Heloise is right about them complementing each other.
xoxo Kim

Angeline Rood said...

Lovely to see all the cards you received. It's a feast for the eye!
Angeline (my blog is partly in english too)