Friday, 2 July 2010

One week later!

I got my postcard from Chris at Prism Trail in California, USA. It is deliciously colorful, I love it! She was worried that it wouldn't arrive at all as I forgot to tell her to put UK on the address but it got here, just took a little longer. The metallic markers are great & I got candles! Didn't get any of those to blow out...maybe they thought 50 was 10 too many...?!

I am blown away, thank so much!

I don't know where the week has gone, life seems to be a bit of a whirlwind in the summer season. Can you believe I haven't finished watching all my 'videos' of the Chelsea flower show? I mean that was weeks ago! I was just starting to plant up 2 window boxes - they won't necessarily go on a window ledge, I just love their shape & I got them cheap at a local crofters market. Anyway, I thought I'd better as the poor plants have been srivelling up almost daily for a month as we've hardly had any rain & they might have a better chance of survival tucked up in some actual soil, I mean, that's what I bought them for! Anyway, I was out there in the sun & light breeze having spent a couple of hours helping out at Rag Tag, did the shopping, came back & watched the boys helpfully unpack it all.... & the middle one make a delicious smoothie. Of course as I said I'd make one too I got to clear up...I think we need to make some ground rules for the holidays. So I finally get outside wearing my brand new bathing suit & shorts - I hadn't bought a suit for about 20 years & in that time things have changed, well, a little, so now I'm fully & decently supported - planning to expose my back for the first time this year to get it used to the sun for our holiday next week & what does it do? The sky fills with ominous black clouds, it starts blowing a hoolie & rains on me. I did say we needed rain...Sigh! I will get out in the sun (& finish the planting) I know I will, with my suncream on, of course! I'm far better off sitting here talking to you guys & then I'm off to the studio - cards, collage, read an inspiring magazine....poor forgotten squares?

Here are some pics of roses, I wish you could smell them!

Albertine, by the greenhouse

Gruinyard Double on the pergola/screen by the river (I admit I stood on a chair so I got the river & not the next door house in ;) )

Zephirine Drouhin on the arch


Anonymous said...

Love the roses, one thing I can't grow here and I miss them. That Albertine, gorgeous. Chelsea flower show, so great, I would watch and re-watch too! Like the banner with your work on it! xox Corrine

Crissi Harvey said...

you have such a beautiful Garden Emma, another fantastic card, i hope you had a good birthday,

hugs crissi xx

Jan said...

A bathing suit! That must have been a bit scary, ha ha. Don't get burned now, although if a storm has come up I guess you will have to wait a bit to get any skin exposure. Beautiful roses you have. We can grow nice roses here in Oregon, USA also. Always nice to see their flowers, and especially to smell them.

Lynda Howells said...

Juat thought l would tell you that yes it was me that joined youxxl am at for photo's and my art/craft is at

Jill said...

See what happens when you turn 50 - the days fly past even faster.

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - your blog is wonderful - what a fantastic place to live in. If you every fancy a postcard swap with me just send me an email. Love ANNA