Friday, 23 July 2010

More holiday pics & a mirror

I haven't made a mirror like this for ages. They're tricky, as I feel I need to screw in each piece of wood as they're so fragile if I don't (I know!) & I can't sleep at night ;) But I do love the bit where I pour part of the beautiful shoreline into lovely sticky black gesso. It struck me only recently that real sand isn't that black, but the contrast is quite striking even so. There are no golden/white sands here, you have to go to the Outer Isles for those, but there are beaches with a variety of colors & textures & my particular favorite are the 'coral' sands. Not coral at all, but calcified seaweed, as a Marine Biologist once reliably informed me.

Anyway, a friend of a neighbor said she would come by to see my driftwood so I thought I should scrabble about & get this on the wall. She never came but it's there just the same! Sometimes I need a gentle kick up the proverbial ;)

Next time I think I'll make the mirror space a little bigger!

A few more holiday pics. There's a secret garden in there somewhere with a moat at the bottom ; the house forms part of the wall of the town, still in Richlieu.

Shutters & doors, ready made squares.

Peeping thru open doors.

I'd love to use sme of these beautiful railings over the arch bits of my pergola. didn't find any at the brocante sadly.

Can't resist shadows

Not sure how this water tower has grass growing out of it.

My family (with their clothes on!)

Les tournesol - how could I resist?


Sylvia Ballerini Jewellery said...

Your driftwood looks good hanging on the wall - the contrasting black emphasises the textures and colours well. The holiday snaps gave me a peek at an unknown world. Thank you Emma.

Trudi said...

The driftwood is fab! and I just LOVE the pic of the shutters. So much inspiration in you holiday snaps, thanks for sharing them. We are lucky enough to see fields of sunflowers around spalding and the fens - beautififul!

Jill said...

Your little driftwood mirror would be the size I like looking into these days, It is lovely.
And as for your holiday pictures, can you see how green I am from there?

mano said...

the driftwood mirror is fabulous and your holiday pictures are wonderful - I love such old towns!

Anonymous said...

The mirror looks great on the wall. Hope your leg is well on the mend.
Lovely pics of your holiday, but the family looks cute but tired! Too much touring perhaps?? xox Corrine

artymess said...

Hi Emma great to read about your holiday ......and poor you with 10 stitches ....ouch still it gave you an excuse to put your feet up ........I am back in blogland now and its good to catch up with everyone's news ......xx

Unknown said...

I just love your mirror. It turned out wonderful..
Thank you for sharing your holiday picutres with us.. they were amazing! That picture of the sunflower field is breathtaking..


Jan said...

There's a mirror in there? It could stand on its own as a piece of sculpture, very nice.

ArtPropelled said...

Yummy .... so many wonderful photos to make me drool. Love the driftwood piece ... and the shutters and doors photo is giving me palpitations.

Stephie said...

Hello from Cornwall. I love the driftwood colaged mirror. What is the sticky black gesso?
I need to start making would help if turned off my computer!

Julie said...

I have some of that 'coral' from a beach in Ireland, that is a great way to use it. I love things made form driftwood.

Jacky said...

The holiday pics are those cheery sunflowers and that beautiful iron lace.
Your mirror looks great, clever girl, love the drift wood.
Sorry I've been offline for a while. I missed your actual birthday (am sure it was a happy one). I've loved catching up on all the other cards you received. What a collection!

Jacky xox

jackie said...

Lucky you to be able to make such great finds.I saw the 'flower' pounding on the same programme - why didn't they realize that for many of us it was the most interesting bit, and tell us more about it. Why can't we have a programme about the really interesting stuff!

Uta said...

Ooh aah I love those holiday pics. And the mirror is just fabulous!!! Ok, going back for another look :)

Catharina Maria said...

The driftwood mirror is GREAT !
Love the idea !
Love ♥RINI♥