Wednesday, 28 July 2010

More pics & a piece of sculpture

More holiday pics ;)

Our friend on the right & his music buddy at our friends friends festival. Wonderful setting in a woodland but it must have been 35 degrees in the shade! They were helping so we were there 11 hours, no taxis in that part of the world.....!

These jazz performers were fabulous

I should have taken a rubbing of this  on a visit to Luze the next day but it was rather high up!

revisiting my youth drooling over these beautiful bikes. I really don't want one anymore but love the memory of my sister & I helping our friend bring his bike into the kitchen when the parents were out. I looked round this bike gathereing/brocante & so wanted to find an affordable part from a Harley to keep as an objet d'art, now that really is showing my age!

I can feel a sculpture coming on! I found one or 2 bits & pieces on the stalls, I'll photograph them later.

Speaking of sculptures, I went to the opening of the Sculpture Trail at Armadale Castle & Gardens & photographed one on the way in by James Adams  'Feller' - love his work. This exhibition was based on 'Scale' & I think his piece really fits it.

Unfortunately the guy doing the opening speech said what a wonderful thing this was, yada, yada, fabulous funding etc & said the one they'd had in '07 wasn't as good quality. I was part of that, as was an artist showing this time so it wasn't just me who could be offended. There were a couple of my friends there who tried to pull me back, no, no, just kidding! But I was somewhat miffed, didn't really want to stay around for the tour  & drinks. I did quietly ask him if he'd seen the previous  exhibition & he said it was excellent, & when I said I'd been involved he apologised after a good bit of mumbling. I wouldn't say I was a pretentious premadonna, but my ego certainly took a small bruise! We'll see what the write up says, as there was no 'public' apology - I didn't expect one.

This is it, I was/am proud of my first sculpture. It was described as 'enigmatic', I was delighted ;). It is simply a collection of pieces off the shore.It gave my family a laugh the few weeks we built it in the back garden (my D helped loads) & that is it's biggest value. They didn't think I was so off the wall when they saw the 10 others!


Anonymous said...

I keep seeing a praying mantis in your sculpture. It is fabulous and you should be darn proud to have been part of that exhibit!!!!!!! YOur trip looks like it was wonderful all around, except for the leg. Hope it is almost healed. xox Corrine

Mail Art Dramas said...

enjoying all the pics. impressive sculpture.

Julie said...

That's some sculpture and it exudes the joy you had in creating it with your family! What amazing things to find on a beach. The bikes have me drooling too. I never enjoyed being a passenger but I've always loved big bikes, especially when they're all bright and shiny. all those wonderful shapes and reflections!

Lorraine said...

great photos and I like your sculpture it reminds me of a bird laying an egg..ignorant little man dont let him upset you..have a great day and thanks for your lovely comments on my blog

ArtPropelled said...

If there is a combination of wood and metal I will love it .... and I do. Quite thoughtless of the speaker considering it was highly likely that artists from the previous exhibition would be present. I'm so glad you said something!

Linda Vincent said...

I've been catching up with your last few posts and have enjoyed looking at your holiday pics Emma. Your sculpture is fab....and I'm so glad you said something to that man (I wouldn't have been able to resist either ;-)

Jill said...

Very impressed with the sculpture - just been catching up with your last few posts, the holiday looks great.