Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Last holiday pics & a cuff for my 'dil'

I know, I know, they do go on a bit! The last day of our week was spent in a constant downpour at Villandry, where our host kindly took us. My only worry was that my skirt would get so wet it would ruin the bandage on my stitches (wound healing nicely)

These eager Koy carp greeted us as we crossed the bridge

Such symmetry!

Amazing Perovskia Blue - they even use it on roundabouts.

wonderful patterns & vines

Oh so wet but happy

Lovely tapestries

And finally, more synchronised diving from the boys ;)

I made a cuff for my 'dil' for her birthday last week.


It has two sides!

I think she likes it! ;)


Suztats said...

Nice cuff! Really great idea to make it two-sided and double its wearability.

Jill said...

Rather like the cuff - my wrists get a bit rheumaticky in the cold weather, could be a 'trendy' solution!!

Heloise said...

Lovely to see the pictures of Villandry. A double sided cuff is an excellent idea.

Jan said...

Nice post, I love your cuff and I love that shot of the pool boys!

Julie said...

The cuff is gorgeous. I like that it's reversible too.

Anonymous said...

One peek at that garden would make me swoon. The cuff, way cool. xox Corrine

Anonymous said...

Clever you. That cuff is lovely. Hope she liked it ;-)

Dot said...

Love the cuff Emma - and a clever idea to make it reversible too! Loved seeing the other photo's too. That goarden is gorgeous.
Dot x

Linda Vincent said...

Ah...loved the picture of you Emma.

I've been to Villandry and have about 100 photos of the knot gardens; just gorgeous! The pool diving photo is pretty impressive...tell them 9/10.

(Lovely cuff too....10/10 :-)
Linda xx

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, these photos are so yummy, Emma. I can't wait to get to Europe!

Jan said...

it is the funniest thing, I just noticed in my blog roll on my blog, there is a thumbnail photo of your first photo in this post. The small picture looks like a face in the bushes, like a green man! I had to come back and see what the actual photo is, and it is the fish photo.

artymess said...

Great photos Emma lovely shot of you and family......x

Catharina Maria said...

I like your cuffs !
miss your little art blocks!
love ♥RINI♥

Suz said...

Great photos of your boys Emma~
No wonder you don't want your summer to end, your having such a great time!!! Your art is incredible...... I especially love your sculpture with found objects from the shore. Have a great day! Susan :)

mano said...

your pictures from villandry are wonderful and your cuff is really nice. the best is the shot of your boys: very funny!

Beate Knappe said...

wonderful photos and how clever to make a cuff in this way, it is gorgeous.