Sunday, 15 August 2010

Bits of a summer garden in August

It seems that in hot arid parts of the Northern hemisphere summer is over, we're discussing seedheads & Autumn, already. Ok, so I collected some seeds today from my Aquelegia but I am not ready to accept Autumn yet! I guess it pays  to be in a moist part of the world after all, parts of my garden are still positively summery, so on this gorgeous, lightly breezy, therefore midge free, sunny day I took a few photos of my garden.

Clematis & Solanum, my birthday plants

Lots of feverfew from my old friend Jetta

I'll never tire of a foxglove still enjoyed by the bees

lacecap in my little woodland

wrong end of the country for a gravel garden, but still.

I missed out on annual sweet peas but still have the perennial ones

I need more Sweet William, it looks like a cluster of Pinks.

I had such fun making this for Billy's 18th ;) He'd just been fishing with a mate up the North end of the island & caught a huge Pollack which was delicious, as were the Mackerel. This looks nothing like either fish! I used, as you may have noticed, the same papers I'd made for my postcards. I 'borrowed' a 'fly' that Billy had in his collection of tied flies. He assured me it was a good one & will probably want it back. Also that you don't catch pollack with a fly - that's me told!

I've got 20 postcards towards my month of July, of course. Of that 20, 7 are 'missing' from my photos file so I'll have a browse around a few blogs to see if they were the ones posted about. If not, no matter!

I completely forgot on this bright day, to take a pic of my next strip of August squares. Too excited prancing around the garden in amongst the summer flowers!


Jill said...

Love your garden shots, it has been chilly and very damp here in East Anglia - nearly put the heating on!! Your leaping fish is great - it is absolutely your style.

ju-north said...

We've had the heating on this week! Would love to have a garden like this! good pics!

Jan said...

Beautiful flower photos! Some of the same ones I have growing here too. Thanks for sharing.

Suztats said...

I enjoyed your garden shots, all the more so since it's started getting cool here.

ArtPropelled said...

Your garden puts mine to shame, Emma. Beautiful with the stone in the background. Your fish is delightful!

Catharina Maria said...

Your garden flowers are beautiful !
Love the fish card !
love ♥RINI♥

Mail Art Dramas said...

love the fish! he has personality.
my feverfrew is bent over, I think my cats hide in the patch...the bird feeder is close by. we are wishing for fall weather. The weeks of high temps and humidity seem never ending. It's actually hard to breathe. And the bug!
your garden is lovely.

Mail Art Dramas said...

oh, another thought... I bet people would email you the missing postcard photos. just ask!

Julie said...

I love your fish, I may have to include one in my Sketchbook Project!

Your garden looks very pretty, especially the white lacecap hydrangea. Sweet Williams are one of my Mum's favourites although she says they will never grow for her.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing fish, just love it. Your garden is so lovely with all those purples and blues, we are soooooo dry here, everything is shriveling up so it is nice to see such bounty in the garden. xox Corrine

Laura said...

LOVE the fish!!!! Well done.

Trudis said...

Your garden flowers are wonderful!
Love your fish card!
Have fun today,
Love Trudis