Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Squares & an overgrown bit of garden

Just a quick one  as I've got an extra shift at work today, the hight of the season & all that (I should have gone into food production!)

Some squares.

The parking ticket for the Highland games at the beginning of August - my eldest & my 'dil' came up specially from Edinbro to compete - he was 3rd in the 2 lap race, nearly exhausted himself but rallied for the long jump, joint 2nd & the hop skip & jump (same as the long jump really) 2nd. He came 3rd in the Scottish Universities Athletics last term, proud we were! So he earnt in prizes almost the cost of the car hire!

Next is from box of bits, a hydrangea squelched in gesso inspired by Julia, the gold wax didn't highlight as much as I'd hoped, packaging, the back of a needles packet, couldn't resist!, & coloring in inspired by a CPS demo of one of their DVD's.

This is a pic of our little terrace with a kind of one sided pergola/screen. When the stream is low there's a 10' drop so with the youngest being 4 when we moved into our home we had to make the terrace safe a priority. It also gives us privacy, tho there was a peep hole for the  stream - gone! It's the most exposed part of our garden so it's trial & error. I did the honeysuckle no favours (to the left of the Clematis Tanjutica) I must have forgotten it liked woodland conditions while planting it! But as you can see the clematis is very happy, about 5' deep in the middle! It has a white montana thru it for the spring so even tho I did cut a lot back early this year I need to forget about the spring flowers & not be a wimp about pruning next year. (The amount of 'compost' it made is amazing! ) There's the  new Vilchenblau rose with a new clematis on the left of the arch. My D sits with me very gingerly when we (& the midges) allow ourselves a coffee break as it is covered in bees. Love it!

Here's the Vilchenblau (sp?) rose just before I went away, as shown before.

I took this one towards the end of July, wonderful when all the tiny buds come out. They don't last long, just hanging on now. I guess Autumn isn't that far away after all, but, each day as it comes!


Anonymous said...

HI Emma,

I like how the plants are overtaking the furniture, gardens gone wild and the tractor in the background behind the stream. Lovely spot, can see why you would want to block your little one from that drop. Pounded flower in the collage is yummy. xox Corrine

Julie said...

The clematis is impressive and I love the big pot 'thing'. Is it a pot or beach find? The hydrangea petal is very effective in the gesso.

Jill said...

I love your squares, if I try mine just look like stuff stuck down.
It seems as if we had our summer early this year, let's hope it is a glorious autumn.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Emma - This is my first visit to your blog.
Your Artworks are fantastic and so is your garden.
I also adore gardening - mainly we have a large rambling country garden with over 60 roses including the climber Veilchenblau - I have only seen it grown in a couple of other places here on the far south coast of Australia. There is something stunning about these old cottage plants.
I will be back.
Cheers Suzy

Linda Stokes said...

Beautiful garden! I've enjoyed catching up with your blog.

Mail Art Dramas said...

really like your blue and white square in the middle. nice garden pics.

Linda Vincent said...

Oooh...hydrangea flowers in gesso; something else for me to try!! I love the last one most of all though - great colours.
Your garden looks lovely.....I'd like to see it close up (one day :-)

Jan said...

Nice squares, such a great way to make a visual journal, little reminders of what you have been doing this year. All your plants and flowers are thriving, maybe more than you would like them too but better than the reverse! What a lovely place to sit down for a cup of tea.

artymess said...

Hi emma good to be back in blogland.catching up on everyone ......i am going to see about my tattoo tomorrow I would be interested in where your'dil' ( Who is dil?) got the tattoo I am going to Nine studio in Brighton ......they have long waiting list tho' and won't be able to do it until May next yaer'll give me time to think about it I guess .....xx