Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Two more postcards & some holiday snaps

Yesterday, just before work, I opened a postcard from Angela at Fenland Textile Studio, Lincolnshire, UK. It is wonderful, a beautiful bright pink explosion, I just love it! It's printed fabric with a heart layer so neatly stitched down & around with a mixture of hand & machine stitches all over, just love the few lines of green zinging in there & who doesn't love to be called fabulous?!!!!

I do feel fabulous, truly, thank you so much.

A lovely ditty on the back

encouraging words, indeed. (I'm not old! :)  )

Today I received a card from Bev at Bunny's Girl, Ontario, Canada. It is lovely, beautiful colors from hand painted & printed papers with added hearts & a little butterfly.

Another wonderful double sided card!

I am delighted, thank you so much.

Also in the package some goodies, you shouldn't have!

So I think I only have 3 left to receive, the one I never heard back from & 2 others. Do I write a polite email? Maybe they think I've got them & haven't bothered to write a post about them, maybe they're lost & we don't realise? As I've said, I'm soooo happy with the postcards I've already had but I'd hate to appear rude!

Here are some photos of a small town called Richlieu near our friends

Amazing arches,left is the entrance, right, is looking back

the market in the square by the church & in the huge hall

Fabulous ceiling in the hall & oh, those doors!

Lovely carved features too

More photos later, I hope!


Julie said...

I do love France and it's beautiful architecture of all types.

I know Angela of Fenland Textile Studios and she is a lovely lady and an excellent teacher too. It is thanks to her that I have travelled so far down this road. Her card for you is lovely and I love the rhyme on the back. Great card too from Bev. Not sure what I would do about the ones that havn't turned up. No harm in sending an email to check just in case they've got lost but probably life got in the way or the post is slow.

Beverley Baird said...

Thanks so much for starting this whole process! I loved your postcard and had fun creating the one for you!
Thanks so much as well for the lovely words!
Take care!

Numinosity said...

I'd send you another if you run short!
xoxo Kim

Emma said...

You're comments are all lovely! Don't forget it was Beate's idea I borrowed, not sure where she got it from!

You're sweet, Kim, thanks! I did get a double dose recently,remember, & Rich joined in - I'll count them all soon!

Mail Art Dramas said...

more great cards. The pictures from France are a feast for the eyes. I love old buildings for they are so much more interesting than the new cheap ones that are popping up all over in the U.S. No details, no craftsmanship...just boxes.
so glad your back at your blog.

Jan said...

Absolutely lovely cards you lucky girl you! Thanks for sharing your vacation photos, I love that old architecture. How's the leg doing?

Jill said...

those postcards just keep on coming! And what a wonderful town Richlieu looks, love the beams

Heloise said...

Lovely photographs of one of my most favourite countries.

ArtPropelled said...

And still celebrating your birthday ..... that's the way to go, Emma! I've enjoyed seeing all your cards ..... but I have really missed your daily squares.

Oh that ceiling!!!