Thursday, 1 April 2010

A mixed day for April Fools

The last 6 squares of this month - a sketch of a birch branch, well, if I keep practicing...!, a bright color wrapped bit of dowel I was going to throw away, more slow cloth, the colors of Easter bits of rubbish I found at work in the supermarket, & corrugated cardboard food packaging from work (it does have advantages being there as I do love corrugated cardboard!)

I could "see blue sky thru the tears in my eyes" this morning, lovely. It got me out into the garden to fill in a trench helpfully dug by the youngest with lovingly mixed bought compost, homemade compost, loam from keeping turfs from stripping the beds of grass & a bag of 6m old weeds, composted down back to earth. Wonderful stuff, nothing goes to waste here - the neighbors call me the Compost Queen & others a 'shite hawk! Even tho we (well, great builders) built this house 9 years ago in the middle of a 1/4 acre field it's taken a while to dig over the flower/veg beds. & there's no point in putting in a plant bigger than 18" because of the wind.  We're doing it slowly but surley. The shelterl belt, willow, native broadleaf( & I had to have a Eucalyptus), is doing well, so now we're starting to plant more inside it. I've learnt so much from this damp & exposed garden, right plant right place etc, well, in theory. My first garden in Buckinghamshire was the complete opposite. I've got to sort out the greenhouse & get some seeds going, I'm a little late but hopefully things will catch up if I get on with it!

My lovely little daffs are finally out. I plan to have the place covered in them one day. The taller ones are on their way, but they blow over too easily up here, so I won't plant any more of those.

This rather gloomy pic shows how low the snow is, down to about 1,000 feet, but nothing round us.

I got one fool today, the youngest got up to see the whale in the bay; I love it! Well, he 'gets' me loads of times, pay back time :) We've had otters, seals, dolphins & porpoise in the bay so it wasn't impossible that a Minkey whale or basking shark might have swum in from the Sound.


Anonymous said...

I love your branch and what is it a pattern tissue covering it?
Cava yum and corrugated cardboard, one of my favorites. The sea air must be making your daff's pop, ours won't be up for a few weeks yet, house sits at the bottom of a hill with a cold spot, everything is later. Enjoyed the pics of the land and North Sea, more please? A red tailed
hawk just flew by as I wrote this, good messengers, good tidings all.

artymess said...

Your squares are so cool ..........Lorna x

cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Hi Emma, loving the squares again my favourite is the one with the music notes, as for the daffs theyve been out here for 2 weeks will soon be coming to an end, I dont like to see them shrivelled up and dying... as for the compost I have a stamp that says:- you know you are a gardener if you find compost a fascinating subject. Have a fun easter ju x

Anonymous said...

Love your squares, esp. the music one. Its great to see the bulbs at last isn't it. Think we are having the same weather in Beauly but without the wind. Lovely mountain picture and I like the whale April Fool.Would be nice to see a Minke.You are so lucky to have all that wildlife where you live. We are planning to hop over for the day when the weather is better.

Heloise said...

Happy Easter. Hope that it is not too windy for the spring flowers. It is the square on the right that I am drawn to this week.

Good luck with the start of the visitor season, hope that you get just the right number.