Sunday, 25 April 2010

6 squares on a rainy day

We're paying for all those lovely days with some typical wet misty dreich weather. I don't mind, couldn't llive here if i did & it meant I got to spend some time in the studio & finally the greenhouse. I uncovered my staging, from winter debris, brushed it down (time was it got a good scrub!) & sewed courgettes, cucumbers & spinach in my newly, locally bought compost...which looks like old birds nests! I'm organic, but only once I've got whatever it is into the garden, I can't be chasing about the place for or spending a lot on the really good stuff. I don't use chemicals or pellets & actually the idea of nematodes, if I wished to spend money on them makes me a little squeamish - don't like to think of friendly parasites killing a slug from within. I am able tho to smear greenfly & cut slugs in half when they've eaten my seedlings! I'm a woman of contrasts & ain't nothing gonna change me now  ;)

The first is from a crate of beer (one of many!) that my sister, along with her lovely new husband & my gorgeous 18yr old neice brought up when they joined my parents who were staying in a self-catering cottage 3 houses down from me. The eldest also got a few days away from studying & we had a great but exhausting family time. Next visit hopefully my brother & girlfriend will be able to join us, & my cousin &.....! I tried to have something to do with my hands on the go when we were sitting chatting - made a few cards & also stitched the 2nd square. Middle of the week I was desperate to scrape some paint around, so I did.

I was in a bit of a quandery re the 4th square. My friend Jetta died last weekend after being ill  in hospital for a few weeks, from old age - she was 88 in March. I'd been asked 3 or 4 yrs ago to look after her garden & loved working there until my hands got all nervy & a little arthritic, when Dave kindly took over a year ago. Every week, bar a couple each year, all that time, we would have coffee together, when I came in from the garden & chat about anything & everything & I shall sorely miss that friendship. My worry is showing her face world wide - there was a picture on the order of service that I've used for the square that brought tears to my eyes. But I can imagine her thinking about what at least 3 generations younger than her have done exposing themselves to all & sundry on the www & so I gave her some privacy & put a piece of cloth over her face. I hope that's ok.

The next is a weather forcast for our paying guests & the last some pieces from my papers drawer.


artymess said...

Thats a lovely tribute to you friend.....xx

Anonymous said...

It is so hard to lose an older friend, all of our neighbors are in their
80's too and we feel like we watch out for them.
Sounds like the garden is coming along nicely,
no greenhouse here so I have peas and some kale,
but not much else yet.
Collages are fun, like the cervaza sparkles.

Numinosity said...

I love seeing your squares all racked up with so many moods and flavors and stories behind the compositions. Very inspiring to me. Perhaps a project I'll endeavor to take on. Meanwhile I've tested the water with a few inchies and ATC's


Anonymous said...

I am sure your friend would have loved such a tribute. It is always sad to lose a good friend. Glad to hear the garden is wakening up after Winter, always an exciting time. Your squares are great, esp. like the weather one!
Happy gardening,

Linda Vincent said...

Your squares are so intriguing Emma ...every one telling a story.
The beer collage is my fav one this time :-)

Hope the weather improves soon...I've been looking at the forecast :-(

Heloise said...

Sorry to read about the loss of your friend. Hope that the good spring weather comes your way soon.

Catharina Maria said...

Wow , I love seeing your squares !
Is this for an challenge ??
love from the Netherlands ♥RINI♥