Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter weekend

Yesterday was a better day. Our B&B guest went out at 6.30am to take pics of dawn. I decided I might as well crawl out at 7.15 but I didn't go far at that ungodly hour!

I've left the sunrise image slightly skew as I couldn't see a thing thru the camera! I'd only had one cofffe too ;)

This is the weekend when the island explodes into life & so far we've had one visitor to the studio. There is hope yet for the rst of the weekend, but anyway, I won't give up as there is always hope & it doesn't stop me being in there enjoying my lovly, newly created quite organised space. Just need to sort a few more bits & pieces!

Here are my squares for March. I see blue & gold as a recurring theme. I do love blue & gold.

Have a Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

HI Emma,
I am one of those crazy people always up early and yes with my coffee.
I love how you left the space in March when you only did five. It is a mini quilt of collage and looks great. Sunrise over the ocean, nothing
is better. Here on our little pond I love it best early in the morning when everything is still and the water is like glass. Happy Easter to you and family.

ArtPropelled said...

Back to see more squares! They delight me. Happy Easter!

artymess said...

Hi Emma great squares as usual .I guess gold/yellow and blue being recurring is probably the emergence of spring daffodils and blue skies ....happy Easter weekend ..Lorna

Marion said...

Love them all together like that. Is this a monthly project?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the scenic pics! I wish I could visit. You wouldn't have to get up to make breakfast... I only need coffee and I know how to make that myself :)

Anonymous said...

Skye looks very appealing in your pictures. And your squares are gorgeous too. Are you doing them for a challenge of some sort, or do you just like doing them anyway? Happy Easter :)

Heloise said...

Beautiful photographs, it all looks so peaceful and calm before the madness of the day.
Great to see your collages together.