Monday, 19 April 2010

Last part of the walk!

You must think I've been travelling for miles on this walk - it probably only takes half an hour & I'd be happy to take all those kind people who've commented on what a lovely place I live. (you could always camp on the (small)lawn ;) I do, & I'm looking at it thru new eyes doing this little excercise - I'm so glad people share their walks in blogworld, it's a great record for me, too.

At the Point are some rock pools & of course, more lichen. What fantastic shapes in Nature

Some primroses, of course

A view of part of the village thru those favorite trees of mine, from the other side.

Tam's favorite watering hole.

And finally, on the home stretch. My house is the one nearest the telegraph pole - the actual pole is opposite my neighbors but the wires are in fron of my house along the track. I designed a Christmas card of robins on the wire, love the higledypigldy behavoir of starlings on the wire & am saddened when the swallows gather there in the Autumn, but they aren't even here yet! The odd crow dominates the wire sometimes & the buzzard generally sits on the pole next to the wire.

My six squares (despite the fact that my parents are staying in a cottage down the road!)

My favorite potato packaging, a sorry attempt at rust dying, a piece of rust, the pink & turquoise squares were using bits of my painted papers that I'd made into Christmas decorations last year, but they looked like very expensive labels,so didn't do well - they're cards, now & second from the end, bits from my box.


cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Hi Emma, your tempting me again with those rock pool photies lol my fav sq this week is the 2nd one Have a fab day ju x

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed sharing your walk. Wish I was there! The swallows seem to have gone off in a huff and might be heading up your way. Love your the colours in your photos. And your dog is gorgeous too.

artymess said...

Hey might take you up on the offer of your lawn at some point looks gorgeous there just my sort of place ....Love the rust square ....Lorna

Anonymous said...

Brilliant collage as usual. So much texture. I am glad to see the views of your world and that grand hillock/rock up behind the white white houses. Makes me want to walk right up it for the view. Thanks for sharing! I am a lefty too. Could not do the "Palmer" method, don't know if that's what you learned and it was funny since it was my maiden name! So my mom taught me to turn the paper and my hand and just do it my curled over wrist for me.


Linda Vincent said...

Great set of collage pieces...third one especially.
And I'm still dreaming of visiting you one day - I will find a way!!
How lucky you are.......... :-)
Linda x

Heloise said...

I like the look of Tam. I often think of getting a dog, but that is as far as it goes. I too like the third collage best this time. You are so good at keeping going with your challenge. My weekly heart has a backlog that I need to sort.