Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A walk out

First my squares - a little bit of wax resist (& too much ink!) Aileens gift of scrumptious shiny fabric, testing out how much a stamp pad ink bleeds (this is a popular card, I need more), layers, bits & pieces from my box, the detritus of work.

I went for a walk today & as has been done before, I recorded it. I was inspired by Aileen's post, too - what a beautiful place I live in! Across a track in front of our house is the beach, rocks, shells & at low tide, sand. A path to draw you in & a patient dog.

Some rocks jutting out of the sand, this is specially for Aileen ;)

Some land art by some kids staying in the self catering cottage near by - you can just see, a third of the way in from the right, just under one of the rocks, a Ringed Plover. I tried to get closer but it woud run away, so fast it had me in stitches.

There used to be an oyster farm run by the local estate. Now there are just the oyster cages left laying on the beach, rusting, gradually dissapearing. I had an idea to make an arch for the garden, getting a welder to simply bend it in the middle & stick it in the ground either side of a path. Too complicated, they are huge & I'd have had to ask the factor.

Worm casts in the sand.

And shells, of course, tho strangely no oyster shells just here.

It seems a long way to Ben Sgrtheall, that special hill on the mainland across the Sound, (that hill that I walked up last year) When the tide is so far out there is such distance all around. Those trees against the sky are some of my favorites. I love their bare branches & will miss the burgundy haze when the buds break. But then I will start to enjoy that delicous lime green & I will move into the next season. I'll walk some more soon.


artymess said...

this is such a beautiful place you are very lucky...... but i guess it may be wilder in the winter .......Lorna x

Laura said...


Heloise said...

What a beautiful place you live in. It is lovely to see everything coming back to life.

cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Hi Emma, fabby photies, loving your beach, makes me want to take a walk, as for your squares I love the ammonite always popular here too ju x

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos.All those gorgeous textures!Looks as if Spring has sprung over your way? Your squares are fabulous as always.

jackie said...

Thanks Emma. I use a Pfaff creative 7570. I am sure it has been vastly updated, but it was a huge treat to myself at the time. My advice would be to get a good basic Bernina. I rarely use the computer'extras' on my machine, of course, they have all been great fun in their time. The groups on Flickr are well worth joining and lots of inspiring work on there.

Sharne Gregory said...

What lovely photos and an inspiring place to live. I love being at coast, I dont get there as often as I would like.