Sunday, 11 April 2010

Virtual into reality

Had a wonderful visit from Aileen at Aileen Clarke Crafts (on my blog roll) & her family on Thursday. I don't suppose I thought I'd ever meet anybody from this wonderful blog world I dip into with great regularity & it was like we'd known each other for ages.

We talked about lots of things & it was all over too soon, but she was v helpful about promoting myself more by joining various groups on Flikr (it looks scary but I'll give it a go!) & linking to my website. She made me realise that I can't go on for much longer on my ancient sewing machine,   I owe it to myself & my work to use the best tools I can. She gave me a wonderful bag of shining bits & pieces & I've already made a square for that day from them....might even stretch to a collage!

Can't believe I didn't take a pic of us but her lovely other half did, I think & she might let me have a copy for the blog archives. I look forward to reading all about her visit to Skye when she gets home.

No other pics today, either as my D & youngest have gone on a walk to the Point of Sleat on this beautiful day. With the camera & the dog. As it's such a lovely day there probably won't be any customers in the studio, they'll be scrambling up hills, so I basically have the day to myself, til the middlest needs picking up from work (poor thing, working in a hotel kitchen - good lad) this late afternoon.

I do, however, have to remember to put the chicken in to roast this afternoon....!

Decided to add this pic of old. Doesn't the center bit of background grass really pop out at you? An intersting optical illusion.


Anonymous said...

Love that old weathered wood, always want to pick up wood out of the pond, it has so much history. Princeton, NJ huh, the totems in Seattle are amazing, such strong work there, true guardians of hearth and home. Looking forward to your weekly collages. xo

cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Great photie Emma, love the textures Have a pleasant day all by yourself ju x

Julie said...

Lovely texture photograph Emma. Hope you've enjoyed your day, it's been glorious here too but with a chilly wind.

Ro Bruhn said...

It's wonderful to meet up with fellow bloggers. There's a few of us here in Oz who have regular get togethers to pass around ideas and have show and tell.

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hi Emma, it really was great to meet you and visit your studio. It was indeed over too soon. We could probably have chatted for a week and still had more to say!
Will do a nice post with some of the photies we took but David didn't get one of us together. Must have been all the excitement of your beautiful surroundings and lovely creations that made us forget : )

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your day of freedom. Always very precious. Love the wood textures photo. Lovely to meet up with fellow bloggers. We hope to pop over your way soon and hope to visit your studio if the timing is suitable.Enjoy this lovely weather.

ArtPropelled said...

Oh that textured wood is making me drool.
Emma, Flickr really is very simple and once you get into it it is quite addictive. Thousands of groups and so many beautiful photographs. Type in weathered wood and see what you get. I lost count of how many groups but just the first group (Abandoned,Neglected, Weathered, or Rusty)had 121,831 photos.